How to Use Discord on Xbox

Connect your Discord account to Xbox One or Xbox S/X to chat with friends while you game

What to Know

  • Go to Profile & System > Settings > Account > Linked Social Accounts > Discord > Link.
  • In the Discord app, tap Settings > Connections > Add > Xbox and enter the code displayed on your Xbox.
  • In Discord, log in to a channel and tap Join on Xbox to transfer the voice chat to your Xbox console.

This article explains how to link your Discord account with your Xbox network account. The instructions apply to Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

How to Link Your Xbox With Discord

Connecting your Discord account to your Xbox is fairly simple provided you know how to do it. The steps are the same for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

  1. With your Xbox turned on, press the Xbox button in the middle of the controller.

  2. Scroll right and select Profile & System.

    Xbox One dashboard with Settings highlighted
  3. Select Settings.

    Xbox One dashboard with Profile & System options highlighted
  4. Select Account.

    Xbox One Settings with Account details highlighted
  5. Select Linked Social Accounts.

    Xbox One settings with linked social accounts highlighted
  6. Scroll right and select Link under Discord.

    Xbox One Linked social accounts settings with Discord - Link highlighted
  7. Select A.

    Xbox One Linked social accounts page with Discord setup highlighted
  8. Choose Yes.

    Xbox One linked social accounts setup page with the 'Let this app access your info' dialog open for Discord
  9. On your phone, open the Discord app.

    If you don't already have it installed, install it from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also follow similar steps via the web-based version of Discord.

  10. Tap Settings.

  11. Tap Connections > Add.

    Discord app with Add Connections steps highlighted
  12. Tap Xbox.

    Discord app with Xbox Live connection process highlighted
  13. Enter the code displayed on your Xbox console. Your accounts will now be linked.

Discord isn't available for Xbox 360.

What Can You Do With Discord on Xbox?

With Discord enabled for Xbox, you can chat in your voice channels while you game. In the Discord app, log in to a channel and tap Join on Xbox to open the Xbox app and transfer the voice chat audio to your Xbox console.

You can adjust the volume, see everyone in the channel, and switch between Discord and Xbox party chat. You can't broadcast Discord voice channel audio when you live stream on Xbox.

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