How to Use Dice to Successfully Find a Job

Use these tips to find a job you actually want

Job seekers wait to talk to employer

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Dice is a popular job search choice for people looking specifically in the technology job market. Although Dice is extremely easy to use, there are a few things potential employees can do to make their job searches even more tailored to what they might be looking for.

Search and Filter Results

Dice has a simple yet effective search feature front and center. Type in a cursory search here for the job you're looking for and where you're looking, and you'll instantly get results.

From there, use the filtering options on the left side of the page to help narrow down the search even more:

  • Company Segment: For example, choose recruiter or direct hire to only get results that are identified as such.
  • Distance: Decide how far away from your search location you're willing to work, like 5 or 10 miles, up to 100 miles away. More jobs can be found if you broaden the distance, but that also means that you might find a job 80 miles away.
  • Title: If you're looking for computer tech support jobs, you might find titles called "IT Support" or "IT Service Desk Analyst." Choose a listed title from that filtering option to only show jobs that match that specific title.
  • Location: This is the city that the jobs are found in.
  • Company: If you're looking to work for a certain company within your keyword search, identify it with this filter so that only that company's jobs are displayed.
  • Employment Type: Do you want a full time or part time job? What about a contract job? Choose one or more options here to narrow the job search.
  • Telecommute: Enable telecommute searches to show only jobs that let you work remotely.

    Dice also has an advanced search feature that gives, even more, play in your job searches. For instance, some of the options include "with at least one of the words," "with the exact phrase," and "with none of the words."

    These advanced search fields are great if you want to make sure that a job search result shows certain keywords that pertain to what you're looking for. You can use the "with none of the words" option to automatically discard any results that have certain words in the job description or title, like "programming" if you'd rather not find any programming jobs.

    Browse Jobs by What You're Good at

    Everyone wants a job they can do well in, and the Dice Skills Center helps you do just that.

    Not only can you read more information about the skill and see where you can go to buy learning courses pertaining to it, you can also see current job openings that utilize that particular skill.

    After picking something through the Dice Skills Center page, choose View all jobs in the "Related Jobs" area to see if there are any jobs you might be interested in that require someone with that skill set.

    Get Updated Job Alerts from Dice

    One of the hardest things to do when searching for a new job is keeping up with new job openings that are in your area of expertise but not too far away. Dice lets you subscribe to email alerts so that you're notified when new jobs are added to Dice that match your search.

    Just perform a search and then use the Create Job Alert button to enter your name and email address.

    Find Job Openings from Your Phone

    There's no reason to stop looking for jobs at Dice when you leave your computer. Download their free mobile app to get all of these job results, no matter where you may be.