How to Use Data and Voice (HD Voice) on a Verizon iPhone

Verizon's HD Voice Feature Expands iPhone Capabilities

What to Know

  • From your iPhone Settings app, tap Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > Voice & Data.
  • Make sure you have a compatible iPhone (iPhone 6 or newer).

This article explains how to turn on Verizon's HD Voice feature so iPhone users can talk and use data at the same. Additional information provides insight into the problem's history as well as other HD Voice features.

How to Use Verizon HD Voice

HD Voice is automatically added to most of Verizon's monthly plans. To use the feature, you just need to enable a setting on your iPhone:

  1. Tap the Settings app on your iPhone's Home screen.

  2. Tap Cellular.

  3. Tap Cellular Data Options.

  4. Tap Enable LTE.

  5. Tap Voice & Data.

That's it. Return to whatever you were doing on your iPhone with the knowledge that you can now simultaneously make calls and connect to the internet.

Other Verizon HD Voice Features

Simultaneous voice and data use isn't the only feature that HD Voice unlocks for you. In addition, Verizon HD Voice customers can make conference calls with up to six lines and activate Wi-Fi Calling.

The Problem

While Verizon has long boasted the largest coverage area of any cellphone company in the U.S., the fact that you couldn't make a phone call and use data at the same time on an iPhone with Verizon was a big drawback compared to AT&T's service. Other Verizon phones that supported LTE could do this, but not the iPhone.

It meant there was no way to be on a call and Google something related to the conversation, or get walking directions from a Maps app while talking to the person you were going to meet. It was a major limitation—one that convinced some people not to consider Verizon for their iPhone service provider.

However, beginning with the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and some timely upgrades to Verizon's network, all of that changed. The key difference was the introduction of HD Voice, a feature previously known as Verizon Advanced Calling. With it, you can use your iPhone with Verizon service to make calls and use data at the same time.

  • Does HD Voice use data on a Verizon iPhone?

    With HD Voice, the voice part of a call is billed by the minute, according to your plan. However, video calls are billed as data unless you are using a Wi-Fi connection. An average one-minute video call uses about 6-8 MB of data.

  • Is Verizon's HD Voice feature the same as VoLTE?

    Yes, HD Voice is also known as VoLTE or Voice over LTE. Verizon also calls it Advanced Calling. The only difference between VoLTE and the more familiar term VoIP (voice over IP), which refers to making calls over the internet, is that VoLTE uses Verizon's LTE data network.

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