How to Use Cloud Gaming to Play Xbox Games on Your Android Phone

Game Pass Ultimate goes mobile

With Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming, you can stream a massive variety of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games right to your Android phone. It also comes with Xbox Live Gold and EA All Access.

How to Use Game Pass Ultimate to Play Xbox Games on Your Android Phone

Your Game Pass Ultimate subscription allows you to download a variety of free games to your Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or even your PC, but it also allows you to use cloud gaming to play a variety of Xbox games on your Android phone. This service was originally known as Project xCloud while it was in beta, but the xCloud name was retired when Microsoft rolled cloud streaming into Game Pass Ultimate.

To play Xbox games on your phone, you’ll need an Android phone with the Xbox app. Most games require you to connect an Xbox controller to your phone, but some have touch controls.

Here’s how to stream Xbox One and Series X/S games on your Android phone:

  1. Download the Xbox Game Pass app from Google Play on your Android phone, and open it once it has installed.

  2. Tap the person icon at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap Sign in.

  4. Enter the email associated with your Microsoft account, and tap Next.

    Signing in to the Xbox Game Pass app.
  5. Enter your password, and tap Sign in.

  6. Tap Let’s play!

  7. Tap the home icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

    Signing into Xbox Live.
  8. With the CLOUD tab selected, scroll through the list of games.

  9. Tap the game you would like to play, or tap PLAY if the game you want has that option.

  10. Tap PLAY.

    A game available for streaming on Game Pass.
  11. The game will start loading, which may take a while depending on your connection speed.

    The Game Pass cloud streaming loading screen.
  12. When the game finishes loading, you can start playing it from the cloud.

    A game streaming on Android from Game Pass using touch controls.

What You Need to Play Xbox Games on Your Android

Cloud gaming is available as a part of Game Pass Ultimate, so you need an active subscription if you want to use it to play games on your phone. You also need a compatible Android phone, the Xbox app, and a fast connection to the internet.

Here are all the requirements to play Xbox games on your phone with Project xCloud on Game Pass Ultimate:

  • Game Pass: You need to have an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate, it’s a great deal with a lot of features. It brings together Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, EA All Access, Project xCloud and more into one subscription service.
  • Game Pass app: In addition to an active subscription, you also need to download and install the Game Pass app. It’s available for free in the Google Play and Samsung Galaxy stores.
  • A compatible Android phone: Your Android phone needs to be running Android version 6.0 or newer, and it needs to have Bluetooth version 4.0. That covers most Android phones currently in active use, but your experience will be better the newer and faster your phone is.
  • An Xbox Wireless Controller: You can use an Xbox One controller that has Bluetooth, so the Xbox One S revision, Elite, etc. You can also use an Xbox Series X|S controller, or any other Bluetooth-enabled controller that works with Android.
  • Fast internet: Microsoft recommends a 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection, or a mobile data connection that provides rock solid download speeds of at least 10Mbps. Slower speeds will result in unresponsive gameplay, and may even result in not being able to stream at all.
  • Geographic area: Cloud gaming isn’t available everywhere, so you have to be in an approved country to access it. It’s available in 42 countries so far, with a full list available from Microsoft.

While these are technically the requirements for playing games on your phone with Game Pass Ultimate, there are a couple of important clarifications.

Additional Considerations

The first item of note is that while most games require a controller, there are some games that have been optimized for touchscreen play. For example, you can stream Dead Cells through Game Pass Ultimate without a controller, as on-screen controls have been added.

Additionally, you can technically stream games on a mobile connection, but it’s very bandwidth-intensive. In the same way that streaming movies and shows from services like Netflix and Hulu can eat through your data, streaming games with Game Pass Ultimate consumes over 2GB of data per hour. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you’ll need to keep that in mind and be careful to stay within your limits, or stick to streaming when you can connect to Wi-Fi.

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