How to Use Clips on Twitch

Clip your favorites

What to Know

  • Hover over a video and click Clip to create a Twitch clip. Adjust the length, give it a title and click Publish.
  • To share a clip, click your profile image > Creator Dashboard > hamburger icon > Content > Clips > select the clip > Share icon.
  • Twitch automatically enables clips on all channels, but you can disable the function.

This article teaches you how to create clips on Twitch. You can make clips to share the best moments of your stream and other streamers' content.

How to Create Clips on Twitch

Creating Twitch clips is a great way to have a permanent clip of an iconic moment during a gaming stream you're watching or even one that you're part of. Here's how to create clips on Twitch.

  1. Go to Twitch's site and find the stream you wish to clip from.

  2. Open the stream or recorded broadcast.

  3. Hover over the video and click Clip.

    Twitch stream with the Clip icon highlighted

    The Clip dialog will now open in a separate window or tab, depending on how your web browser is set up. 

  4. Adjust how long you wish the clip to be by dragging the time bar around.

    Twitch with a clipped video clip highlighted
  5. Add a title to the video clip.

  6. Click Publish.

    Twitch clip interface with Publish highlighted
  7. The clip is now published.

How to Share Clips on Twitch

Once you've saved a few clips, you're probably wondering, 'how do I share my Twitch clips?' The process is quite simple once you know where to look. Here's what to do.

When you first create a clip, the share link is included underneath the Published dialog. 

  1. Go to Twitch's site.

  2. Click your profile image.

    Twitch home page with profile icon highlighted
  3. Click Creator Dashboard.

    Twitch homepage with Creator Dashboard highlighted
  4. Click the hamburger icon.

    Twitch Creator Dashboard with navigational menu highlighted
  5. Click Content.

    Twitch Creator Dashboard with Content menu highlighted
  6. Click Clips.

    Twitch Creator Dashboard with Clips highlighted
  7. Click the clip you wish to share.

    Twitch clips with a clip highlighted
  8. Click the Share icon.

    Twitch clips open with the share icon highlighted
  9. Choose which service to share it via or click the Copy to clipboard icon to the far right.

    Twitch clips with Copy to Clipboard icon highlighted for sharing link

How to Search your Clips on Twitch

If you've saved several Twitch clips, you may find it tricky to browse through them all. Here's how to search through them.

  1. Go to Twitch's site.

  2. Click your profile image.

    Twitch dashboard with profile image highlighted
  3. Click Creator Dashboard.

    Twitch dashboard with Creator Dashboard highlighted
  4. Click Content

    Twitch Creator Dashboard with Content highlighted
  5. Click Clips.

    Twitch Clips option highlighted within Creator Dashboard
  6. Click Enter a Category.

    Twitch Clips Enter a Category search field
  7. Enter a popular category or enter your own.

    Typically, this should be the name of the game you've watched. You can also switch to Search by Channel and enter the name of the Channel. 

  8. Click on the game or press enter.

  9. Your search results will now be limited to this game.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Twitch Clips?

It's good to know a few critical things about Twitch clips, especially if you're an avid streamer.

  • Clips are automatically enabled. Unless you disable them on your Twitch channel, anyone can create clips of your content. Clips can be an issue in some instances, such as if there are copyright conflicts involved.
  • It's possible to limit who takes clips. Under Clips of My Channel, you can change which of your followers can take clips and whether they have to follow you for a specific length of time first.
  • Clipping is a form of engagement. Encourage your followers to take regular clips so that they can share them with friends and thereby expand your reach.
  • Clips never expire. Clips never expire. The only limitation is that the original clip creator can choose to delete them if they want. 
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