How to Use an iPhone as a Webcam

Repurpose an iOS device to check in on your home, pets, and more

What to Know

  • Download the app your company is using to host the call. Popular ones are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • To turn your iPhone into a webcam, first download a webcam app on both your phone and PC.
  • Next, open the app on both devices, and you'll see the live feed from your phone displayed on your computer.

This article explains how to use an iPhone as a webcam for video calls or home security.

How to Use an iPhone or iPad as a Webcam

If you need to use your iPhone or iPad as a webcam for a typical work call, you'll need to use the software your company is using to host the call. A very popular app is Zoom (Zoom is the name of the company and the software is technically called ZOOM Cloud Meetings). Another popular one is Microsoft Teams.

If you are new to Zoom, here's how to set up and join a call using Zoom.

As great as FaceTime is, it can't be used to join a call when the call is placed using a different platform (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams). If you are starting the call from scratch and everyone you are calling has a Mac or an iOS device, then you could use FaceTime.

How to View an Existing Webcam on an iPhone

If you already own some webcams and want to watch what the webcams sees, you'll need to download the software that works with those webcams. There are a wide range of apps available for this use including EpocCam, AtHome Camera, and more.

It's important to do your research to find an app that fits your needs. For example, what distance will you need between the iPhone or iPad and the device you'll use to view the live stream? Different apps offer different wireless ranges as well as features such as recording and encryption. For example, the app used in this tutorial requires both devices to be on the same network. If you need connection that allows you to connect to two different networks, you'll want to choose a different app from those that are available.

Furthermore, are you looking to use your old iOS devices as web cams for home security, monitoring pets, or to have conversations with other people? Your needs will go a long way in choosing the right app.

For this step-by-step guide, we'll be using EpocCam to turn an iPhone into a webcam that streams to a Mac. However, you can also use a PC, so long as the app you choose works with your PC.

  1. First things first, download the EpocCam app to the iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

  2. Once downloaded, open the app and select OK to approve access to the microphone and camera.

  3. Next, on your Mac, download the EpocCam Viewer from the Mac App Store and open it. You may also need to approve access to the microphone and camera once you open the app.

    Downloading EpocCam from the Mac App Store
  4. Once you're ready, open the EpocCam app on the iPhone or iPad as well as the viewer on your Mac. As long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, they should connect within a few seconds, and you should see the live feed from the iPhone or iPad displayed on your Mac.

    Using EpocCam to live stream from iPhone and iPad

You can also use this app to connect other devices such as another iPhone or iPad if you don't wish to use your computer as the webcam viewer.

To use EpocCam on Windows PC, you'll need to download the correct drivers. Once you've download and installed the drivers and the appropriate mobile app, the devices should connect automatically and begin streaming.

For the best webcam streaming, we recommend purchasing an iPhone or iPad stand to best position your device. You can find a wide range of stands and mounts to fit your specific needs online.

Why Use an iPhone or iPad as a Webcam?

Webcams are great for a wide range of purposes such as:

  • Video calls
  • Watching your pets
  • Baby monitor
  • Security
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