How to Control Your TV With Alexa

Use voice commands to change channels and more

What To Know

  • For a voice remote, make sure everything is on and has power. Press the Voice button, and speak a command starting with "Alexa."
  • For Alexa-enabled devices, open the app > More > Settings > TV & Video > Plus Sign > Link...Device. Follow the prompts.
  • Some TVs have built-in Alexa capabilities when you enable their skills.

This article explains how to use an Alexa-enabled device, such as an Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV device, Smart TVs, and other technologies to control your TV with Alexa and voice commands. The level of Alexa voice functionality you'll have depends on your TV make and model; consult your TV's documentation to see an overview of its features and compatibility.

Use the Alexa Voice Remote

If you have a Fire Edition Smart TV, a Fire TV Stick, or another Fire TV device, use Alexa voice commands with the included Alexa voice remote. Here's how:

  1. Power on your TV and Fire TV device.

  2. Put fresh batteries in your Alexa voice remote.

  3. The Fire TV will detect the remote and pair automatically.

  4. Hold down the Voice button and issue an Alexa voice command, such as, "Alexa, stop," or "Alexa, resume."

To be able to turn your Fire TV device on and off with Alexa, go to Settings > Alexa and then tap Turn on TV with Alexa.

Use Your Alexa-Enabled Device to Control Your TV

If you lose your Alexa voice remote or just want more freedom, it's easy to link your Alexa-enabled device, such as an Echo, to your Fire TV. You'll be able to issue hands-free Alexa voice commands that your TV will respond to with no need for a special remote control. Here's how:

  1. Open the Alexa app and tap More (three lines on the bottom right).

  2. Tap Settings.

    The Settings option in Amazon Alexa
  3. Tap TV & Video.

  4. Tap the plus sign (+) to select Fire TV.

  5. Tap Link Your Alexa Device.

    TV & Video, Fire TV, and "Link Your Alexa Device" in the app
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to link your Fire TV device and start issuing Alexa voice commands to control your Fire TV features and content access.

    You'll be able to turn your TV on or off via Alexa voice commands if it has the HDMI-CEC feature. Check your documentation to find out.

Get a Fire Cube

If you don't have an Echo device or any other Amazon-enabled device, an Amazon Fire TV Cube is a powerful streaming device with built-in Alexa functionality.

Unlike Fire TV devices, Amazon's Fire TV Cube acts as Alexa speaker, so it will respond to your voice commands and has all the same abilities as an Echo.

Use Alexa With a Smart TV

Even if you don't have a Fire TV or Fire TV Cube, it's still possible to use an Alexa-enabled device to control your Smart TV with voice commands. A number of manufacturers have developed TVs with the designation "Works With Alexa." Check your device manual to see if your TV has this capability.

Here's how to set up some popular "Works With Alexa" TVs to start using voice commands.


Alexa functionality is built-in to all 2019 and later LG OLED TVs and NanoCell TVs with WebOS 4.0.

  1. From your LG TV remote control, press the Home button.

  2. Launch Set-Up TV for Amazon Alexa App.

  3. Follow the prompts to log in to or set up an LG account, and select your TV.

  4. From the Alexa app, tap More (three lines).

  5. Tap Skills & Games.

  6. From the Search field, enter LG ThinQ.

    More, "Skills & Games," and the search field
  7. Select LG ThinQ – Basic.

  8. Tap Enable to Use.

  9. Sign in to your LG account.

    Installing LG ThinQ
  10. From the Alexa app home page, tap Devices > Add Device, and add your LG TV. You're ready to start using voice commands with your LG TV.

Sony TVs

Select Sony Android TVs, including all 2019 and later models, are certified "Works With Alexa" devices. Link your TV with Alexa, and use a nearby Echo to issue voice commands. Here's how to get started:

  1. From your TV's home screen, select TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa App.

  2. Select your Google account (or create one) and name your TV.

  3. From your Alexa app, go to More > Skills & Games, and then search for and select Sony's Android TV.

  4. Tap Enable to Use, and then follow the prompt to link your accounts and link an Echo device or other Alexa-enabled device.

Vizio TVs

Select Vizio TV models are categorized as "Works With Alexa" devices. Link your TV with Alexa, and use a nearby Echo to issue voice commands. Here's how to get started:

  1. Tun on the TV and launch the ​Vizio TV SmartCast home screen.

  2. Select the Extras tab on the menu bar.

  3. Select Voice Settings > Pair Display.

  4. Using your smartphone, go to and ​enter the PIN shown your TV screen.

  5. Return to the Alexa app on your phone when prompted and enable the Vizio SmartCast skill.

    Amazon Echo near a Vizio smart TV. "Alexa, turn on TV." "OK."

Use Alexa With Harmony Remote Controls

Another way to use Alexa with your TV is via the Logitech Harmony Remote control system. These remotes, including the Logitech Harmony Elite, Ultimate, Ultimate Home, Harmony Hub, and Harmony Pro, let you control home media and other smart devices.

When you link Alexa to a compatible Harmony remote, you'll be able to issue Alexa voice commands through the Alexa app or through your Echo speakers. Here's how to get started:

  1. Set up your Logitech Harmony Remote.

  2. From the Alexa app, go to Menu > Skills & Games and search for Harmony.

  3. Make sure you have an Alexa-enabled device, such as an Echo, up and running.

  4. On your remote, tap the blue Harmony icon and then tap Enable to Use.

  5. Log in to your Harmony account and go to the Select Activities page to customize what devices and commands you want Alexa to associate with the Harmony remote control system.

  6. When you're finished setting up your preferences, tap Link account > Discover devices.

  7. You can now control your media devices with Alexa commands.

    Other Alexa remote control skills are available, including ​Smart TV Remote, Smart TV Remote Pro, Anymote, and URC Smart Home.

Use Alexa With Roku Devices

It's easy to use an Alexa-enabled device to control your Roku streaming media player with voice commands. Browse content, control playback, or change the volume without ever using the Roku remote. Here's how:


How to Connect Alexa to Roku

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and select Menu > Skills & Games.

  2. Search for Roku, and then select the Roku Smart Home icon.

  3. Tap Enable to Use.

  4. Log in to your Roku account and select the devices you want to control with Alexa.

  5. Back in the Alexa app, Alexa will search for available devices. When it finds your Roku device, select it, and tap Continue.

  6. Choose your device and then select Link Devices.

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