3 Ways to Locate a Lost Phone Using Alexa

Use your virtual assistant to make that phone ring

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Nobody likes losing their phone. With Alexa and Amazon Echo, you may never have to worry about this inconvenience again. There are several different apps and IFTTT setups you can use to help locate your phone when it's gone missing. Here are a few of our favorites and how to get them set up.

There are numerous ways you can have Alexa locate your phone. Alexa is always adding new skills, so keep an eye out for other ways to find lost or missing devices.

Make an Alexa Tracker Using the TrackR App

One of the official Find My Phone apps supported by Alexa-enabled devices is Trackr. It's fairly easy to set up, but doesn't work for every situation. Here's how to check if it will work with your device:

This method requires you to download and enable a service prior to losing your device.

  1. Download and enable Trackr on your Alexa device. You can do this through your connected mobile device (the phone or tablet you've linked to your device), or simply say "Alexa, ask Trackr to find my phone."

    tracker alexa page
  2. Download the Trackr app on the device you want to be able to locate. You can find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  3. Launch the app on your mobile device, then select Add A New Device.

  4. Tap Alexa Integration, then follow the onscreen prompts to connect the mobile device to your Echo device.

  5. There will be a few more steps to follow where you will need to link a PIN from your Alexa-enabled device to your mobile device. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish linking your accounts together.

  6. You will now have two new commands enabled. If you say "Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone," your Alexa device will tell you the address of your phone's last known location. If you say "Alexa, ask TrackR to ring my phone," it will do exactly that.

Use Cell Phone Finder to Have Alexa Call a Lost Phone

Cell Phone Finder can be a bit harder to set up, but not every phone is compatible with TrackR. Most reviews suggest that if one of these two doesn't work with your device, the other will. Here's how to set up Cell Phone Finder.

This method requires you to download and enable a service prior to losing your device.

  1. Download the Cell Phone Finder app onto your Alexa-enabled device. You can download it manually through the app store, or say "Alexa, enable Cell Phone Finder."

    cell phone finder alexa page
  2. Link your phone to the skill by calling the number (415) 212-4525 from the phone you want registered with the app.

  3. Once you've called the number, say "Alexa, ask Cell Phone Finder what my PIN code is."

  4. Input the PIN into your phone and the two devices should now be connected.

  5. To use the skill, say "Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder and call me." Your linked device should start ringing.

    You can only have one mobile device connected through this skill. If you want to connect a different mobile device, you'll need to uninstall the skill and have Alexa relearn it by going through the registration process again.

Use IFTTT to Set up Your Own Custom Alexa Skill

This one is a bit more complex, but it will also teach you how to use a system that helps you connect all sorts of devices. It involves use of the service IFTTT ("If This Then That").

ifttt home page

IFTTT is a website that allows you to create connections between different internet-connected devices, setting up connections that would otherwise be impossible. Here's how to connect your two devices so you can set up the connection between the two:

This method requires you to download and enable a service prior to losing your device.

  1. Go to ifttt.com and either sign up for a free account or log in to an existing account.

  2. Create the channels you need. Select the Channels icon at the top of the screen, select the Alexa channel, then select Connect. You'll need to log in to your Alexa account to confirm the connection.

  3. Next, create your Phone channel. Select Channels again, then search for "Phone Call."

  4. Again, select Connect, then enter your phone number and select Send PIN. Answer your phone and confirm the PIN number.

  5. Once you have added your two devices to the site, you can create the phone call connection between the two. From the IFTTT website, select your username in the top-right corner, then select Create from the menu.

  6. Select This to start creating the connection, then search for "Amazon Alexa" under the Choose Trigger Channel.

  7. Select Say a Specific Phrase as the trigger, then type in something easy to remember like "Find my phone" or "I lost my phone."

  8. Select Create Trigger.

  9. Select That to set up the next part, then select the Phone Call channel and select Call My Phone as the action.

  10. Select Create Action to finalize your connection, then select Create Recipe to lock everything in place.

    If you have an Android phone, you can create a different recipe where you have IFTTT turn the volume all the way up on your phone before calling it.

    You should now be able to say "Alexa" followed by the specific phrase you typed in in the first step, and your phone will start ringing.