Twitch 2FA: How to Set It up and Use It

Enabling two factor authentication on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular services out there for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts, such as gaming sessions, artwork creation, and even talk shows or even TV series. 

Because of that level of popularity, hackers see it as an easy target for accessing user accounts and using them for nefarious purposes. The best way to keep your account safe is to enable Twitch two factor authentication, making it harder to access illicitly. It adds an extra layer of protection for every time you log in on Twitch. 

Here's how to enable 2FA on Twitch, as well as how to disable it if you change your mind. 

Why Do I Need Two Factor Authentication on Twitch?

You might think your Twitch account doesn't need additional security, but there are a few key reasons why it's worth doing. 

  • Extra privacy. No one wants to feel like someone is poking around their online accounts. 2FA reduces that risk drastically. 
  • Twitch Prime benefits. If you have an Amazon Prime account linked to Twitch, you get extra stuff for free, and you don't want to lose that because of a hacker.
  • Protects your name. If you're an avid streamer, you want to maintain and develop your subscribers and popularity. Being hacked could wreck that, depending on what the hacker does with your account.

How to Set Up Two Factor Authentication on Twitch

Setting up two factor authentication on Twitch isn't hard, providing you know where to look. Here's how to add extra security to your account, keeping hackers at bay.

These instructions require you to access Twitch from your desktop computer rather than a mobile app.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Log In.

    Logging in on Twitch website
  3. After logging in, click on the profile logo to the top right of the home page.

    Clicking on your profile on Twitch
  4. Click Settings.

    Where to find settings once logged in on Twitch
  5. Click Security and Privacy.

    Twitch settings on browser with Security and Privacy highlighted
  6. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication.

  7. Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

    Twitch website with Settings open and Set Up Two-Factor Authentication highlighted
  8. Enter your cell phone number.

  9. Click Continue.

    One of the steps of enabling two-factor authentication on the Twitch website
  10. Enter the verification number you receive via SMS message.

  11. Click Verify.

  12. Click Done.

    Completing the two-factor authentication set up process on Twitch

How to Use Your Twitch Account With Two Factor Authentication

Once you've set 2FA on Twitch, you'll need to log in slightly differently than before. Here's what to expect.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Log in and enter your account details.

  3. Click Log In.

  4. Wait to receive a text message on your phone.

    If you'd prefer to use an app, you can download the Authy app to receive token numbers without being sent SMS messages.

  5. Enter the Token number on your browser.

    Where to enter your token key on the Twitch website once two-factor authentication has been enabled
  6. Click Submit.

    Twitch website with the two-factor authentication log in screen highlighted

    You can also click the box to Remember this computer for 30 days if you don't want to do this every time.

  7. You've now logged in successfully.

How to Disable Two Factor Authentication on Twitch

If you decide to disable 2FA authentication on Twitch, it's pretty simple. We don't advise it as extra layers of security are useful but if you're switching phones, it can be worthwhile disabling it temporarily. Here's what to do.

  1. Log into your Twitch account.

  2. Click Settings.

    Twitch website with profile settings highlighted
  3. Click Security and Privacy.

    Twitch website with Settings and Security and Privacy highlighted
  4. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication.

  5. Click Disable Two-Factor Authentication.

    Twitch website with Disable two-factor authentication highlighted
  6. Click Confirm.

    Twitch website with the Disable Two-Factor Authentication options highlighted
  7. Click Done.

  8. Your account now has Two-Factor Authentication disabled.

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