Top USB TV Tuner Cards for Your Computer

Some of the Best USB TV Tuners

USB HDTV tuners let you capture free HDTV broadcasts using an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna. The USB tuner connects from the antenna to the HDTV USB device, which then connects to a free USB slot on your computer.

Once HDTV broadcasts are captured, software that comes bundled with the card is then used to view, record, and time-shift the HDTV channel(s) that your antenna can pick up. This software typically includes an electronic programming guide (EPG) for scheduling TV shows to record in advance using the internet.

Since a USB TV tuner is so small and portable, they're perfect for taking with your laptop and are easy to store away when they're not being used.

The Hauppauge WINTV-HVR-955Q is a USB TV Tuner that is simple to connect to any Windows desktop or Notebook PC via USB.

The WINTV-HVR-955Q can be connected to analog cable coming into your house from your cable company or can pick up ATSC digital channels using the included antenna.

Digital channels, including HDTV channels, can be played back and recorded using the bundled Hauppauge software.

The WinTV application lets you watch and record the shows in a window or full screen, while the WinTV-Scheduler is used to record your programs on a daily, weekly, or once-only schedule.

The Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick can tune free over-the-air ATSC TV (including HDTV) with the included antenna, or analog (NTSC) cable TV from a coaxial cable.

You can then use the Pinnacle TV Center Pro software to watch and record TV shows, and pause live TV - just like a TiVo.

Geniatech EyeTV Hybrid USB TV Tuner

Much like the other USB TV tuners above, the EyeTV Hybrid lets you watch, record, and edit TV on a Windows or Mac computer.

Connect the device to an antenna to get over-the-air channels or connect your coaxial cable directly to the USB dongle.

With the EyeTV software, you can watch, pause, and rewind live TV, schedule program recordings, edit unwanted video, and even share the recordings with your other networked computers.

Included with the EyeTV Hybrid USB TV tuner is a rod antenna with a magnetic base and suction cup, a USB cable, and a guide for the EyeTV software. More »

The TV Wonder HD 600 PCI Express high-definition DVR offers the ability to record HDTV signals as well as NTSC signals.

Attach an amplified high definition antenna or your TV cable and you can watch, pause, or record analog and digital live HDTV on your PC or convert your recorded TV shows to take with you on your portable media player.

AVerMedia Volar Hybrid Q USB TV Tuner

The AVerMedia USB TV Tuner features 4 GB of RAM and can record free over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) signals as well as analog NTSC signals.

It comes bundled with a Media Center software package plus an indoor antenna for picking up HD and SD TV stations. More »

Kworld USB424-D Hybrid USB TV Stick Pro

With the KWorld Hybrid USB TV Stick Pro device, you can enjoy watching and recording HDTV and analog TV on your desktop or laptop.

The Hybrid USB TV Stick Pro includes a multi-function TotalMedia application, an indoor antenna, and an infrared remote control.

With the TotalMedia Time-Shifting program, you can pause live TV and resume playback from where you left off. More »