How to Send Photos to Facebook From iPad

Easily upload iPad videos and photos to Facebook

Facebook on iPad 3

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Sending a photo to Facebook from your iPad couldn't be easier. There are actually several methods you can follow, so you can take your pick depending on whatever is easier for you.

You can upload photos or videos to Facebook straight from your iPad via Safari or you can use the Facebook mobile app. However, perhaps an even easier way to send photos to Facebook is to do it directly from the Photos app or even the camera app.

Send Photos to Facebook From the Photos App

There are two ways to use the Photos app to send images to Facebook. You can do so for images you took earlier or for an image or video that you just now captured from the Camera app.

To use the Photos app, just open the app and then select the image you want to post on Facebook. If you want to send several at once, choose Select instead, and then choose every photo and/or video you want to put on Facebook.

Select button on iPad

To send a photo or video that you just now took, stay in the Camera app and then tap the thumbnail on the right that shows the image/video.

Image thumbnail in Camera app on iPad

Either way, follow these directions next:

This method requires that you have the Facebook app installed on your iPad. You can download Facebook for iPad if you don't have it.

  1. Tap the share button at the top.

    Share button in Photos on iPad
  2. Select Facebook from the list.

    Facebook in Share Sheet on iPad

    If you don't see the Facebook option, select More, locate Facebook from the list, and tap the button next to it to make it green instead of white.

  3. Wait while the image or video is prepared to be uploaded. This could take a while if it's a high-resolution photo, if there are multiple items, or if it's a video. You might not even see the progress bar if it's a small item.

  4. Optionally write a message to go along with the image. You can also take this time to pick who can see the image and decide if you want to add it to a photo album on your Facebook page.

  5. Tap Next.

    Next button on iPad
  6. Select Share to send the iPad photo or video to Facebook.

    Share button in Share To sheet on iPad

    As you can see in this screenshot, there are some other items you can customize if you want, like to send the photo/video to a Facebook Group or a friend's Timeline.

  7. You should see the image/video on Facebook immediately, but if not, pull down on the page to refresh.

Send Photos to Facebook From the Facebook App

The Facebook app provides a Photo button you can tap to select the images and videos you want to send to Facebook from your iPad.

  1. Tap News Feed at the bottom of the app. Another method is to select Menu and then tap your name to reach your profile.

  2. Select Photo under the What's on your mind? message.

    Photo button on iPad Facebook
  3. Tap each image and/or video you want to send to Facebook from your iPad. To change the album you're viewing, select Camera Roll at the top.

  4. Choose Done when you're finished choosing what to post on Facebook.

    Done button in Photos on iPad
  5. Write something if you want (you don't have to) and optionally use the buttons under your name let you choose who can see the Facebook post and which album (if any) you want to post it under.

  6. Select Post to send the iPad videos or photos to Facebook.

    Post button in Facebook for iPad

Send Photos to Facebook From Safari

You can also share photos and videos to Facebook via a web browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera Touch, Firefox, etc. The mobile Facebook page works the same in all browsers, so you can use any mobile browser that you want.

  1. Open in the browser.

  2. Tap Photo/Video from the News Feed page or from your profile.

    Photo/Video button on Facebook via Safari on iPad
  3. Select Take Photo or Video to do that, or Photo Library to pick something from your iPad to send to Facebook. Another option is Browse, which lets you locate something from iCloud Drive.

    Photo upload options on Facebook via Safari on iPad
  4. To send photos or videos to Facebook that are stored on your iPad, tap Done when you're finished selecting them. If you chose to take the photo or video right now, do that and then select Use Photo or Use Video.

    Done button in Facebook for iPad
  5. Optionally customize the post with text, choose who can see the photos and videos you're sharing, and add more items. Tap Share to send the videos and photos to Facebook.

    Share button in Facebook via Safari on iPad