How to Send Photos to Facebook From iPad

Easily upload iPad videos and photos to Facebook

What to Know

  • Easiest way: Open the Photos app, select an image or images, tap Share, and select Facebook.
  • From the FB app: In the What's on your mind area, select Photo, choose images, tap Done > Post.
  • From Safari: Go to and tap Photo/Video. Tap Photo Library, select photos, and tap Add > Post.

This article explains three ways to send a photo to Facebook from your iPad.

Send Photos to Facebook From the Photos App

There are two ways to use the Photos app to send images to Facebook. One is for images you took at an earlier time and the other is for an image or video that you just captured using the Camera app.

To use the Photos app, open the app and select the image you want to post on Facebook. If you want to send several at once, choose Select and then tap every photo or video you want to put on Facebook.

Select button in the iPad Photos app

To send a photo or video that you just took, stay in the Camera app and tap the thumbnail for the image or video.

Image thumbnail in Camera app on iPad

Either way, follow these directions next:

To use this method, the Facebook app must be installed on your iPad. Download Facebook for iPad if you don't have it.

  1. Tap the Share icon.

    Share icon in Photos on iPad
  2. Select Facebook in the share sheet.

    Facebook in the Share Sheet on iPad

    If you don't see the Facebook option, select More, locate Facebook in the list, and tap the button next to it to make it green instead of white.

  3. Wait while the image or video is prepared to be uploaded. This could take a while if it's a high-resolution photo, if there are multiple items, or if it's a video. You might not see the progress bar if it's a small item.

  4. Optionally, write a message to go with the image, choose who can see the image, and decide if you want to add it to a photo album on your Facebook page. Tap Next.

    The Next button in the iPad Photos app
  5. Select Share to send the iPad photo or video to Facebook.

    Share button in Share To sheet on iPad

    There are other items you can customize. For example, send the photo or video to a Facebook group or a friend's timeline.

  6. The image or video appears on Facebook immediately. If you don't see it, swipe down on the page to refresh.

Send Photos to Facebook From the Facebook App

The Facebook app provides a Photo button you can tap to select the images and videos you want to send to Facebook from your iPad.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPad. Tap News Feed or tap your image to reach your profile.

  2. In the What's on your mind area, select Photo.

    Photo selected in the Facebook What's on your mind section
  3. Tap each image or video you want to send to Facebook from your iPad.

    To change the album, select Camera Roll.

  4. Choose Done when you're finished choosing what to post on Facebook.

    A photo selection and the Done button in Facebook app on iPad
  5. Write something if you want and optionally use the buttons under your name to choose who can see the Facebook post and which album (if any) you want to post it under.

  6. Select Post to send the iPad videos or photos to Facebook.

    Post button in Facebook app for iPad

Send Photos to Facebook Using Safari on iPad

You can also share photos and videos to Facebook from a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The mobile Facebook page works the same in all browsers, so you can use any mobile browser.

  1. Open in a web browser.

  2. Go to the News Feed page or your profile and then tap Photo/Video.

    Photo/Video button on Facebook via Safari on iPad
  3. Select Take Photo or Video to open the camera app, or Photo Library to choose a photo or video from your iPad to send to Facebook. Or, select Browse to locate a photo or video stored in iCloud Drive.

    Photo upload options on Facebook via Safari on iPad
  4. To send photos or videos to Facebook that are stored on your iPad, tap Add. If you chose to take the photo or video now, take the photo or video and then select Use Photo or Use Video.

    Photo selection in Facebook in browser with Add button
  5. Optionally, customize the post with text, choose who can see the photos and videos you're sharing, and add more items.

  6. Tap Post to send the videos and photos to Facebook.

    Post button in Facebook in a browser
  • Why can't I post photos to Facebook from my iPad?

    If you can't upload photos to Facebook, update the app and update your iPad. Then, restart your device and try again.

  • Why can't I see my Facebook pictures on my iPad?

    If you can't see your Facebook photos on your iPad, check your internet connection, then clear your browser history and website data. If you still have trouble, update the Facebook app and your device.

  • How do I save Facebook photos to my iPad?

    To download photos to your iPad, place your finger on the Facebook photo and hold it until a menu pops up, then tap Save Photo. You can also download all your Facebook photos as a ZIP file.

  • Why do my iPad photos take so long to show up on Facebook?

    The iPad takes high-resolution photos, which results in large file sizes. Larger files take longer to upload, so iPad photos can take a while to show up.

  • How do I reorder photos in my Facebook albums on my iPad?

    To rearrange your Facebook photos on iPad, tap and hold an image, drag it wherever you want, then release your finger.

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