Upload Bike Route Maps to Your Garmin Edge Cycle Computer

Solo cyclist with Blue Handlebars in Winter Forest

 Enrique Díaz / Getty Images

Garmin's most advanced GPS-enabled cycling computer is the Edge 1030, which is preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Maps and Strava Routes. It includes turn-by-turn directions and alerts you to upcoming sharp curves. The navigation features are robust. You don't need to download route maps to this cutting-edge cycle computer.

Downloading Route Maps to Edge 810, 800, 510, and 500

However, with previous versions of the Edge, such as the Edge 810, Edge 800, Edge 510, and Edge 500, you do need to download route maps. All of these models use the same import process.

  1. Use your computer browser to find a route you're interested in riding. Ride With GPS is a popular web source. 
  2. Save the route TCX or GPX file to your desktop or laptop computer.
  3. Connect your Edge cycle computer via its USB cable to your computer or laptop, and open the Garmin file directory.
  4. You will see a directory named NewFiles in the Garmin menu. Copy the saved TCX or GPX file to the NewFiles folder.
  5. Disconnect the Edge from the USB cable.

When the Edge restarts, the new route is available in its Courses selections.

Garmin's Connect Service

To get route maps onto your cycle computer using Garmin's online Connect service, connect your Edge to the computer, go to the Connect website, select a map, and use the Send to Device feature under the Plan tab. Garmin also offers free maps from the OpenStreetMap site. 

Garmin has discontinued the Edge 810, Edge 800, Edge 510, and Edge 500, although the units can be found for sale online.