Why You Should Upgrade To watchOS 2


The next generation of the Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 2.0, is here, and along with a ton of brand new features. 

One of the standout features of watchOS 2.0 is its ability to allow native third-party apps. That means everything from your favorite fitness app to Facebook can run on your Watch and take advantages of some of the AppleWatch’s built-in hardware to create an even better user experience.

Beyond just apps; however, watchOS 2.0 brings a host of other features that in a way transform the Apple Watch into a whole new device. Here are a few of our favorite new features that make the software update worth it.

Activation Lock

No one wants to have their Apple Watch stolen. The original version of the Apple Watch software made it so thieves could wipe your Watch without knowing your passcode and go on to sell it with no one being the wiser. With watchOS 2.0, Apple has added an optional Activation Lock which allows you to tie your Apple Watch to your iCloud ID. Once connected, someone will need to have your username and password in order to wipe the device, something your average street thief will be without.

New Watch Faces

If you’re already an Apple Watch owner, then chances are you’ve already started to become a little bored with the Apple Watch’s built-in watch face options. The newest version of the operating system comes wit a umber of cool time-lapsed skylines from locations around the world, and also offers the ability to use one of your favorite photos (or albums) as your face.

If you’ve started to become tired of looking at the same old thing each day, then the update could be just what you need to give your Apple Watch a little facelift.

Time Travel

Admit it: time travel is cool. While your Apple Watch won’t physically take you forward of backward in time, it can give you a quick look at what’s previously happened or what’s on tap in some of your apps.

For things like your calendar or the weather, being able to scroll forward a few hours, or a few days, can make things much easier.

Transit Directions

Anyone who lives in or has visited a major city knows how crucial mass transit directions can be. With OS 9, Apple Maps finally added mass transit directions. Now, watchOS  2.0 brings those directions to your wrist as well. The app is able to not only tell you what bus or train t take, but also give you turn-by-turn directions to the station or stop, so you’ll  be able to get where you’re going without running into any snags in the process. Google Maps also recently launched for the device.

Siri Gets Serious

Siri sees a little bit of an upgrade with watchOS 2.0. now in addition to her standard features, Siri is able to interact with your Glances and some Watch apps like Maps, making her even more useful. Try asking Siri to give you directions to dinner or to start your morning workout. It's truly magical.

If you have an Apple Watch and haven’t updated to watchOS 2.0 yet, here's how to do it.