How to Upgrade Hulu

Go ad-free or get live TV

What to Know

  • Go to Hulu.comAccountManage Plan On beside the new plan > + next to add-ons > Review Changes > Submit.
  • On select Roku devices and Xfinity set-top boxes, you can change your Hulu plan directly from the Hulu app settings on your TV.
  • If you’re billed through a third party, you might need to cancel your plan and sign up with Hulu to get an upgrade.

This article explains how to upgrade Hulu to ad-free and live TV subscriptions from your Hulu account settings.

How to Change Your Hulu Plan

Log in to your Hulu account through a web browser to change or upgrade your plan at any time.

You might see prorated charges for subscription changes if you upgrade before your billing cycle ends.

  1. Visit your account page at Hulu and log in with your username and password.

  2. Scroll down to Your Subscription and select Manage Plan.

    Manage Plan option from the Hulu account settings page.
  3. Under the Plans section, move the toggle On beside the plan you want.

    The toggle highlighted beside a Hulu plan from the Manage Plan area.

    Select Plan Details to view more about that particular subscription.

  4. You might see a pop-up called Before you switch plans letting you know of any eligibility changes with switching. Select Continue to Switch to select the new plan.

    Pop-up box that appears when switching plans on Hulu.

    If you want to stick with your current plan, choose Keep Current Plan or press the x to close the box.

  5. If desired, choose the + (Plus) beside any extras from the various add-ons sections.

    Plus icon beside Hulu add-ons from the Manage Plan page.
  6. Select Review Changes > Submit to apply your plan updates.

    The Submit button highlighted on the Hulu subscription review page.

How to Upgrade to Hulu Live

When you’re ready to upgrade to Hulu Live from a free trial or the basic ad-supported or ad-free plan, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Hulu account from Hulu's site.

  2. Select the profile icon in the upper-right corner and choose Account from the drop-down menu.

    Account highlighted from the Hulu user drop-down menu on desktop.
  3. Go to Your Subscription and click Manage Plan.

    Manage Plan highlighted fromHulu Account settings.
  4. Scroll to view the Hulu Live options and move the toggle to On beside your preferred plan: Hulu + Live TV or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV.

    If you have a basic or Hulu (No Ads) plan and want to add live TV and the Disney bundle, choose the Disney Bundle with Hulu + (No Ads) Live TV or the ad-supported version from the Packages section.

  5. When you’re ready to apply your upgrade, click Review Changes > Submit.

    Hulu Live TV plans and the Review Changes options from the Manage Plans page.

How Do I Upgrade Hulu on My TV?

If you signed up for Hulu through Roku or Xfinity, you might be able to change your plan directly through your TV.

On your Roku TV or streaming device, open the Hulu app > select your profile iconAccount > Subscription > and choose a new plan.

You can only upgrade Hulu on your Roku if you have a supported Roku device and you’re billed for Hulu through Roku.

From the Xfinity menu, select Apps & Subscriptions Management > Apps & Subscriptions or Settings. Expand the arrow beside Hulu from this menu and choose Manage Subscription > Choose your new plan > Submit Order.

With Hulu through Xfinity, you can switch only between a basic Hulu or Hulu (No Ads) plan on your cable or set-top box. To upgrade to a live TV package or opt for any add-ons, you must cancel your subscription with Xfinity and sign up with Hulu.

Why Can’t I Upgrade Hulu?

If you can't upgrade your subscription through the Hulu account page, you might have Hulu through a billing partner that requires handling your subscription through their site.

You can find out who’s handling your billing from Account Your Subscription.

However, some third-party billing providers offer limited Hulu subscriptions and upgrade options. For example:

  • Disney+: Choose between Hulu with ads or no ads but no live TV.
  • Apple: Available plans include the basic Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) without upgrades.
  • Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu: The only option is the basic ad-supported Hulu plan.
  • Verizon: Comes with access to the Disney bundle and no separate Hulu upgrades.

Are you billed through Hulu but unable to upgrade your subscription from the Plans page? Ensure your payment information is updated, and reach out to Hulu Support.

How to Change Subscription on Hulu

Don’t see the option to change your subscription on the Hulu website? You may need to cancel your account with the billing provider you used to sign up for the streaming service. Then visit the Hulu sign-up page to get started with a direct subscription.

Canceling Hulu through Disney+ but still want access to the Disney bundle? Use this guide to add the Disney Bundle to Hulu.

If you signed up with a third-party partner that allows you to make subscription changes directly through Hulu (Amazon, Roku, and Sprint), use the steps above in How to Change Your Hulu Plan to manage your account and any add-ons.

  • How do I upgrade Hulu through Amazon?

    If you're billed for Hulu through Amazon, log in to your Hulu account from a web browser to upgrade or change your subscription from Account > Manage Plan. One upgrade you can't make as an Amazon-billed Hulu subscriber is adding the Disney Bundle to your plan. Visit the Disney+ sign-up page to sign up for the bundle directly.

  • How do I upgrade Hulu with Disney Plus?

    If you signed up for Hulu through Disney, you have to cancel your Disney Bundle subscription first to upgrade to live TV or choose add-ons. From Disney+, select Profile > Account > Subscription > The Disney Bundle > Cancel Subscription. Then re-subscribe to The Disney Bundle through Hulu to upgrade your plan. If you already had a Hulu account when you signed up for the Disney Bundle through Disney, you can upgrade your subscription directly through your Hulu account.

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