Update Your Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse for a Significant Performance Boost

And check out the promised 8000Hz polling rate

An update is on the horizon for Razer's Viper Mini Signature Edition mouse that the company says will boost performance across your gaming library, regardless of a title's requirements.

Fast response rates are important for a gaming mouse—something Lifewire's Yoona Wagener noted in a review of the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed. But while the Basilisk X boasted a default polling rate of 1000Hz, Razer's planned update for its Viper Mini Signature Edition mouse pushes 8000Hz.

Viper Mini Signature Edition gaming mouse

The promise of reaching a polling rate of up to 8000Hz (with 0.125 ms intervals) isn't limited to a typical wired connection between mouse and PC, either. Razer stated this is possible over a wireless connection—though you'll still need to use the included USB dongle, both for the improved response rates and to connect the mouse in general.

Viper Mini Signature Edition 8000 Hz polling rate update


That 8000Hz polling rate isn't set in stone, however, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Razer asserts that users will also be able to customize their Viper Mini Signature Edition's performance via the Razer Synapse PC app. So you'll be able to set the rate from 125Hz to the vaunted 8000Hz, which means optimizing the mouse's response time on an individual game basis.

You can download the new Viper Mini Signature Edition firmware update from the official support page starting Monday, April 24. Check the Drivers & Downloads section on or after the release date to download the firmware updater and find installation instructions.

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