Update Your Chrome Browser to Avoid Security Vulnerabilities

Google acted quickly to issue a patch

As always, you want to make sure your Chrome installation is up to date to keep your browsing safe and secure.

Google's Chrome browser
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Google has issued a warning around two security vulnerabilities in the latest stable version (81) of popular web browser Chrome. According to Forbes, Google is keeping the details secret to prevent hackers from using it, but the company also says it has not recorded any hacks with this method.

What to do: You'll want to make sure your Chrome browser is updated. The latest version with the patch is 81.0.4044.129 on Windows and Mac, which Google is sending to all Chrome users now, so you might already have it. You can check your version in the Chrome menu, then restart.

The details: While the specific method of exploiting the flaw is being kept secret, users are seeing one of the following two error messages: ‘STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION’ or ‘STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH.' If you see these errors, you'll need to upgrade immediately. Forbes reports that the vulnerability could lead to hackers controlling your system.

Web Browser Market Share:

  • Chrome - 67.72%
  • Firefox - 8.49%
  • Internet Explorer - 6.97%
  • Edge - 6.20%
  • Safari - 3.62%

Source: Net Marketshare

Bottom line: While Google acted quickly in patching these flaws, it's still important to make sure you're unaffected. Be sure to check your own Chrome version immediately to avoid any issues with these vulnerabilities.

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