How to Update Your PS4 Console

Learn both automatic and manual updating methods

What to Know

  • You can update your PS4 through the internet or download firmware from and copying to a USB drive.
  • To update your PS4 automatically, turn on Automatic Downloads in Power Save Settings.
  • To update your PS4 manually, go to Settings and click System Software Update.

This article includes instructions for updating your PS4, including how to update automatically, how to update manually, and how to update your PS4 without an internet connection.

How to Update Your PS4 Automatically

Although its focus is now on the PlayStation 5, Sony still regularly releases software updates for the PS4. It’s a good idea to have the latest firmware running on your PS4 to take advantage of new features, bug fixes, and security improvements.

There are a few different ways to update your PS4. This article will show you the various methods you can use to ensure your PS4 is always running the latest software.

The easiest way to update your PS4 is to enable automatic downloads. This way, your console will download and install updates in rest mode when they become available. 

Here’s how to set up automatic software updates.

  1. Navigate to Settings on the PS4 dashboard.

    Highlighting Settings on PS4 dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to Power Saving Settings.

    Selecting Power Saving Settings in PS4 Settings menu.
  3. Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

    Selecting Set Features Available in Rest Mode under PS4 Power Saving Settings.
  4. Check off both Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network options. Both of these features need to be enabled so the console can download and install updates when it's not in use.

    Selecting Stay Connected to the Internet in PS4 Settings.
  5. Go back to the Settings menu and select System.

    Selecting System settings on PS4.
  6. Select Automatic Downloads.

    Selecting Automatic Downloads under PS4 System Settings.
  7. Check off System Software Update Files.

    Selecting System Software Update Files under PS4 Automatic Downloads.

    To ensure updates that require system restarts are applied while your PS4 is in rest mode, check off Allow Restart. Be aware system restarts may cause you to lose unsaved game progress if you currently have a game in suspend mode.

How to Update System Software on PS4 Manually

If an update failed to install correctly, or you’d prefer to leave automatic downloads disabled, you can update your PS4 manually instead.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to Settings on the PS4 dashboard.

    Selecting Settings on the PS4 dashboard.
  2. Select System Software Update.

    Selecting System Software Update under Settings on PS4.
  3. Select Update Now.

  4. If the latest system software is already installed, you’ll see the screen below.

    System Software Update screen on PS4.
  5. If there are new updates available, select Next. This will start the download.

  6. After the download is complete, you’ll be presented with a license agreement. Select Accept.

  7. The update will now be installed (your PS4 may need to restart to complete the process).

How Do I Update My PS4 Without an Internet Connection?

If you don’t have your PS4 connected to your home network, you can still update the console by downloading the update to a USB drive and copying the file over.

It's best to use a blank USB drive, as you'll most likely need to reformat it because the PS4 only recognizes the FAT32 and exFAT file systems.

  1. Format a USB drive in FAT32 or exFAT format. Follow these guides for how to format a USB drive on Windows and Mac.

  2. Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer on Windows, or open the Finder on Mac.

  3. Open the USB drive and create a new folder called PS4.

    Creating PS4 folder on USB drive.
  4. Open the PS4 folder and create a subfolder called UPDATE.

    Creating Update subfolder for PS4 on USB drive.
  5. Navigate to Sony's site for the system software. (linked above)

  6. Scroll down to Download PS4 update file and click the PS4 update file button.

    Downloading PS4 update file on PlayStation official website.
  7. Move the download file PS4UPDATE.PUP to the UPDATE folder on your USB drive.

    Moving PS4 update file to USB drive.

    If you have previous PS4 update files on the USB drive, make sure you delete them before downloading the new one, as they may interfere with the update process.

  8. Once the update file is copied over, plug the USB drive into your PS4 with the power off.

  9. Turn on your PS4 and follow the manual update steps, as outlined in the section above.

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