Update Notifier v1.1.6.141

A Full Review of Update Notifier, a Free Software Updater

Update Notifier is a free software updater that does just as the name suggests—it notifies you of any outdated software and provides you with the download links.

A unique feature worth mentioning about Update Notifier is that, to ensure genuine updates, it gives you direct download links to a program's official website that releases the software.

This review is of Update Notifier version Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About Update Notifier

Update Notifier v1.1.6.141 in Windows 7
  • Windows 7Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 are the operating systems that are officially supported, but I was able to use Update Notifier in Windows 10 and Windows 8 as well
  • Update Notifier shows all the programs installed to your computer, and then highlights the ones that need updated
  • A filter tool lets you customize the results screen to hide/show major version, minor version, and build version updates, as well as free and commercial software, programs that need updates, and the software that's already up-to-date
  • The version numbers of the updated programs are displayed next to the version numbers of the installed, outdated programs so you can easily compare the two
  • All updates are downloaded through Update Notifier's website, CleanSofts.org, but each download is a direct link to the program's official website, making it much easier to trust that the downloads are genuine updates
  • You can create a free Watch List with Update Notifier that will notify you of updates even if you don't have that software installed to your computer
  • Through the Recommended tab, Update Notifier suggests you install a handful of programs, and makes it easy for you to visit their download pages

Update Notifier Pros & Cons

As you can see, Update Notifier has plenty of features to like.


  • Easy to use, condensed interface
  • Small download size
  • Installs quickly
  • Really fast scans
  • Can ignore updates from showing up in the results
  • Checks for updates on a schedule
  • Supports finding updates for portable software
  • Can be used as a portable program


  • Must use a web browser to download the updates
  • Must install the updates manually

My Thoughts on Update Notifier

I prefer to use a software updater that lets me download the updates without having to visit a web browser, which means Update Notifier isn't my first choice when selecting such a tool.

However, I do appreciate that all the updates are gathered on one page and are each direct links to the developer's website. This is still much better than not using a software updater at all.

I'm also really glad there's a filter tool in Update Notifier because you don't really need to see all the programs you have installed to your computer when you're only looking for ones that need updates. With the Filter Software button, you can uncheck Up-to-Date Software so only the ones that require updates are shown.

Another feature I like is the scheduler option in Update Notifier's settings. You can enable or disable the schedule and set it to scan your computer for outdated software every so many days and hours, such as every hour, every 24 hours, every week, etc.

To use Update Notifier as a portable program, choose Run during setup to prevent it from installing to your computer.