Update Minecraft on Xbox 360

Keep Minecraft up to date so you can keep building

If it's been a while since you've fired up a session of Minecraft on your Xbox 360, the game might need an update. Usually, Xbox 360 apps automatically download and install new patches, but if you want to learn how to update Minecraft manually, it's easy to do so. Follow these steps and you'll be fighting off creepers while building your dream house in no time.

Instructions in this article apply to older versions of Minecraft on Xbox 360 that need to download and install Update Aquatic. Microsoft announced will stop updating Minecraft on older platforms like the Xbox 360 after Update Aquatic. It now plans to only support the Java, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft.

Make Sure You're Connected to the Xbox Network

You need an Xbox network account and access to the internet to download and install updates. But, you shouldn't need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A free Xbox Live account should work just as well.

To test your connection:

  1. Press the Guide (or middle) button on your controller.

  2. Go to Settings > System.

    System icon in Xbox 360 interface
  3.  Select Network Settings.

    Network Settings button in System Settings on Xbox 360
  4. Next, choose Wired Network or the name of your wireless network.

    Wired Network choice on Available Networks screen on Xbox 360
  5. Select Test Xbox Live Connection.

    Text Xbox Live Connection option in Xbox 360 Network Settings

    You can also check the Xbox network status page for service alerts. If there is an outage, wait a while for the service to come back online and try again.

How to Update Minecraft

Insert the Minecraft disc (if you have one) and start the app. Once you're on the game's main menu, the update should automatically begin downloading. Depending on the size of the update, it could take a few minutes to completely download and install.

Update message for Minecraft on Xbox 360

If You Can’t Update Minecraft

If you can't having trouble downloading and installing the update, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try that may work for you.

Clear Your System Cache

  1. Press the Guide (big middle) button on your controller.

  2. Go to Settings and select System Settings.

  3. Select Storage (or Memory).

    Storage option button in Xbox 360 System Settings
  4. Pick a storage device and press Y (Device Options) on the controller.

    Hard Drive storage device on Xbox 360

    It doesn't matter which storage device you pick. The cache will clear on all storage devices.

  5. Select Clear System Cache.

    Clear System Cache option on Xbox 360
  6. Select Yes when prompted to confirm.

    Yes to Maintain Storage Device on Xbox 360

Delete and Reinstall the Game

If clearing the cache doesn't work, you could try deleting and installing the game. If you bought a digital copy, you'll have to re-download it as well.

Deleting the game will also delete your saved game information. If you want to save your Minecraft world from digital extinction, copy the save files to an Xbox 360 Memory Unit or USB flash drive. If you have a Gold subscription, you can also upload it to cloud storage.

  1. From the Xbox Dashboard, go to Settings > System.

  2. Select Storage, then select Memory Unit (the hard drive or cloud drive with the game on it).

  3. Select Games and Apps.

    Games and Apps option on Hard Drive on Xbox 360
  4. Find and select Minecraft, then press Y for Game Options.

    Games and Apps, Minecraft 360 Edition
  5. Select Delete.

    Delete button for deleting Minecraft from Xbox 360
  6. If you have a disc, insert it and install the game again. If you own a digital copy, re-download it and install it.

  7. Copy the saved game info from wherever you stored it.

  8. Start the game and download the update again when prompted to do so.

Try a Direct Modem Connection

If your Xbox 360 connects to the internet via a router, try connecting it directly to the modem.

  1. Plug one end of a network cable into the back of your console.

  2. Plug the other end into your modem.

  3. Sign in to the Xbox network and start the game.

  4. Choose to download the update.

    If you can't download the update via a direct connection, there might be a problem with your router. Contact your router's manufacturer to get help fixing the issue.

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