Undelete in Windows Live Hotmail

How to recover mail from the trash

Illustration of a trash can with an envelope hanging out of it

agungsptr / Getty Images

When you have accidentally deleted an important email, there's still the Deleted folder, right? What, though, when there is not — not a trace of that message left in the trash?

Then there's the safety net. Windows Live Hotmail keeps messages for a few days even after they have been purged from the Deleted folder. In a very simple process, you can restore these backup copies to the trash and undelete mail believed gone.

Undelete Mail and Recover Messages Lost From the Trash

To restore messages that have been removed from your Windows Live Hotmail Deleted folder in the past few days:

  • Open the Deleted folder in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Make sure the desired message is no longer in the folder.
  • Click recover deleted messages at the bottom of the message list.
  • Make sure you move — by dragging and dropping, for instance — all the messages you want to recover from the Deleted folder to your Inbox or another folder.