How to Update Games on PS4

Get the latest versions of your games and apps in automated or manual updates

What to Know

  • Update automatically: Go to Settings > SystemAutomatic Downloads. Enable Application Update Files.
  • Then enable Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network in Power Save Settings.
  • Update manually: Highlight the title in your library and press the Options button > Check for Update.

This article includes instructions for updating PS4 games, including how to update games automatically and update them manually.

Unlike system software updates for the PS4, PlayStation doesn’t offer game or update files to download from its official website. Your PS4 needs to be connected to the internet to update software.

How to Update Games on PS4 Automatically

Like the console itself, PS4 games and apps regularly receive updates to fix issues like bugs and glitches or add new content to the software.

The easiest way to update PS4 software is to enable automatic updates. This way, you can take a “set it and forget it” approach and ensure your PS4 is always running the latest version of your games and apps.

However, if you’d prefer to save energy by not having your PS4 download updates in rest mode, you can manually update your games and apps.

  1. Navigate to Settings on the PS4 dashboard.

    Selecting Settings on PS4 dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and select System.

    Selecting System option under PS4 Settings.
  3. Select Automatic Downloads.

    Selecting Automatic Downloads option under PS4 System Settings.
  4. Check off the box next to the Application Update Files option.

    Selecting Application Update Files under PS4 Automatic Downloads Settings.
  5. Go back to the Settings menu and select Power Save Settings.

    Selecting Power Saving Settings on PS4.
  6. Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

    Selecting Set Features Available in Rest Mode in PS4 Settings.

    To put the console in rest mode, hold down the central home button on your PS4 controller and select Power. Then choose Enter Rest Mode. Your PS4 will continue to operate in a lower power mode where it can keep games and apps suspended, charge controllers, and download updates.

  7. Check off both Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network options. Both of these features need to be enabled so the console can download and install game updates when it's not in use.

    Selecting Rest Mode Features in PS4 Settings.

How to Update Games on PS4 Manually

If a game or app update fails to download or you’d prefer not to leave your console in rest mode, you can manually download and install updates by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the game or app you want to update.

  2. Press the Options button on your controller to bring up a side menu and select Check for Update.

    Checking for Rocket League updates on PS4.
  3. If a game is already updated to its latest version, you’ll see the following message: The Installed application is the latest version.

    Check for Update screen on PS4.
  4. If an update is available, select Go to {Downloads] to begin downloading the update file.

    Selecting Go to [Downloads] on PS4.
  5. You should see the game or app update file downloading on the Downloads page.

    Checking Rocket League download time on PS4.

    To quickly check on your current downloads, click Notifications on the PS4 dashboard and then click Downloads.

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