Upcoming Virtual Dog Park Lets You Train Remotely

Halo expands its training technology

Pet tech company Halo is expanding beyond training collars and moving into digital spaces with a virtual dog park.

The upcoming Halo Dog Park is a new training program held over Zoom Meetings that aims to teach your dog how to behave, something the company specializes in. The dog park will be under Halo's Gold Plan and will be held in one-on-one Unique Rooms for a personalized course and offer a variety of features.

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Under the Gold Plan, you'll get support from expert trainers, where you'll get one-on-one behavioral training. There are also the Halo Pack Member Events which are community events with other dog owners where you can mingle with them and meet the company's co-founders. You'll get technical support for the Halo Collar and its corresponding app, plus a way to track it while en route to your house.

Outside of the dog park service, the Gold Plan is extended to include collar-related features. Things like 24/7 GPS real-time tracking, remote training prompts, and frequent activity reports. Services under the Silver and Basic plans are also thrown in there for a $30 monthly subscription.

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Outside of the exclusive Gold Plan perks, it doesn't appear any new ones will make their way to lower tiers. It's also unknown when the virtual dog park will be available. Halo didn't give any indication for a launch day or even a launch window.

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