Unsubscribe from Newsletters on Outlook.com

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In 2013, Microsoft transitioned Windows Live Hotmail users to Outlook.com, where they continue to send and receive email using their Hotmail email addresses. 

Chances are good that each newsletter comes with an unsubscribe link at the bottom, but some users have limited success with this link or discover it takes weeks to be implemented. If you subscribed to newsletters using your Hotmail email address, either before the transition or after, you can't have Outlook.com unsubscribe for you, but you can give Outlook.com instructions so you never see those newsletters in your Inbox again.  

It's easy to sign up for newsletters that attract your attention, but as your inbox fills with increasingly more emails every day, you may find there isn't enough time in a week to scan the newsletters. Using Outlook.com Sweep feature, you can prevent the newsletters you just don't have time to read from ever cluttering your Inbox. 

Permanently Remove Newsletters in Outlook.com

To set up Outlook.com to remove newsletters from your Inbox:

  • Open a recent newsletter in your inbox to delete everything from that address, now and in the future.
  • Click Sweep in the toolbar.
  • Select Delete all messages from Inbox folder and any future messages from the menu to delete everything from that sender currently in your Inbox and any newsletters or other communications that come from that sender in the future.
  • Click Sweep to save the change.

The newsletters from this sender are deleted from your Inbox immediately. Outlook.com will delete future newsletters or messages from the same address before you see them.