How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Profiles and Settings can both unmute someone

What to Know

  • Go to person's profile: Following > Mute > unmute Posts, Stories, or both.
  • Settings > Privacy > Muted Accounts and choose who to unmute.

This article shows how to unmute someone in the Instagram mobile app.

How Do I Unmute Someone's Instagram Account?

To unmute an account on Instagram, you'll just need to take few steps on their profile page. Here's how.

  1. On the account of the person you want to unmute, tap on the Following button under their bio.

  2. Tap Mute.

  3. There are two options to mute or unmute Posts and Stories. Tap the sliders to unmute either one.

    Instagram Mute options

You can always go back this same way and mute someone's account again whenever you wish. Also, just like when you mute someone, they won't be alerted if you unmute them.

How Do You Unmute a Story on Instagram?

There's a second way you can unmute people, including their stories. This method is best if you've forgotten which accounts you've muted.

  1. In your account, tap the hamburger menu (the icon of three bars) in the top right.

  2. Go to Settings.

    Instagram profile menu with Settings highlighted
  3. Select Privacy > Muted Accounts to see the accounts you have muted and what content you mute from them. Tap the account whose stories you want to unmute.

    Instagram Muted accounts
  4. You'll be taken to their profile page, where you can follow the previous steps to unmute them.

If you've muted someone's stories, they won't show up in your feed, making it difficult to remember who you've muted. However, using this method you can find everyone you've muted.

Why Can't I Unmute Someone on Instagram?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to unmute someone. They mainly have to do with other restrictions you might have put on their account.

  • If you've blocked someone's account, you'll no longer have the option to unmute them unless you unblock them as well.
  • If you've unfollowed someone, you won't be able to unmute them as you won't be receiving their posts or stories in your feed anyway.

You may have to change these settings if you want to see this person's posts and stories again.

  • How do I unmute a single Instagram story?

    You can unmute specific Instagram stories from your main feed. First, scroll to the far right of the story feed along the top of the screen. Any muted stories will be at the very end of the row; you can tell they're muted because they'll be slightly grayed out. Tap and hold it to pull up a menu, and then select Unmute Story.

  • How do I unmute Reels on Instagram?

    If sound isn't playing on Instagram Reels, first try adjusting the volume on your phone. If that doesn't work, do a single-tap in the middle of the screen to toggle sound on the Reel.

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