How to Unlock the Touchpad on an HP Laptop

Learn how to lock it as well

What to Know

  • Synaptics Touchpads: Double-tap the top-left corner to disable and enable.
  • Alternatively, in Device Manager, manually disable your touchpad Pointing Device.
  • HP laptops have different methods of disabling and enabling the touchpad.

This guide explains the various ways with which you can unlock and lock the touchpad of your HP laptop. It is quite dependent on which laptop you have and whether you have the latest touchpad drivers installed, so you may need to try more than one method.

How to Turn on the Touchpad on HP Laptops

HP laptops have long offered various options for turning off a touchpad should you not want it to get in the way of your typing, gameplay, or various other activities—especially when using an external mouse. That does mean it's possible to lock your HP laptop accidentally. If that happens, here are a few different ways to unlock a laptop with a touchpad.

HP Laptops with Synaptics Touchpads

HP Touchad on a Spectre x360- 13

Jon Martindale

If you have an HP laptop with one of its newer Synaptics Touchpads and the latest drivers installed, you may be able to unlock the touchpad with a quick press. Just double-tap in the top-left corner of the touchpad. You may see a little light in that same corner turn off. If you don't see the light, your touchpad should now be working—the light displays when the touchpad is locked. You can also disable the touchpad again in the future by performing the same action.

Some Synaptics Touchpads also respond to a long, five-second press in the top-left corner, so if the double-tap doesn't work, try that instead.

If you have an HP laptop with a Synaptics Touchpad but don't have this option, it may be you need to enable it. You can find steps to enable this option on HP's site. You may also need to download the latest Synaptics Touchpad, driver. To do so, run Windows Update until you have all the latest updates. That should enable the option. For more details, visit HP's site to learn how to update the Touchpad drivers.

HP Laptops with a Touchpad Switch

Some older HP laptops include a dedicated switch next to the touchpad to toggle it on and off. You'll spot it through its indicator light. If the small LED displays either yellow, orange, or blue, then the touchpad is locked. Double-tap the sensor to re-enable the touchpad. As with Synaptics Touchpads, this should turn the touchpad back on. You can lock it again later, using the same method, at which point the light should turn on.

HP Touchpad Locked and Unresponsive? Try This

If the above steps for enabling the touchpad don't work, you can try a couple of additional methods that should work across all HP laptops and operating systems.

Control Panel

You can access touchpad settings in the Control Panel.

  1. Open the Windows Settings menu by pressing the Windows Key+I

  2. Select Devices.

    Windows Settings Menu
  3. Select Touchpad from the left-hand menu.

    Devices Menu in Windows 10
  4. Toggle the Touchpad on.

    Toggling the Touchpad on.

Device Manager

Another place to view touchpad settings is in the Device Manager.

  1. Search for Device Manager in Windows search and select the corresponding result.

    Device Manager in Windows 10
  2. Expand the Mice and other pointing devices section.

    Selecting the Touchpad in Device Manager
  3. Select your HP touchpad.

    Selecting the Touchpad in Device Manager.
  4. Select the Driver tab.

    Enable or Disable the Touchpad
  5. Select Enable Device if you want to enable the touchpad, or Disable Device, to disable it.

    Selecting Disable Device in Device Manager.
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