How to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Unlock your device to access functions or unlock it from a network carrier

What to Know

  • Unlock Galaxy Watch: Press Home button > enter PIN or pattern lock code.
  • To disable lock: Settings > Security and privacy > Lock and select None can disable the PIN or pattern lock code.
  • Galaxy Watch may be required to use the same network as the phone. To reset this: Turn Reactivation Lock On and Off again to reset this.

This article provides the instructions you need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Watch both from the network and actually unlocking the device to use it's functions, including how to turn off the Screen Lock on the device so you won't need to enter a PIN or pattern each time you want to access the apps on the device.

Can You Unlock a Samsung Watch?

When you consider unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you could be thinking of one of two issues:

  • Unlocking the device from the network carrier.
  • Unlocking the device to access its functions.

Each method means something different and requires a different approach.

How Do I Unlock My Samsung Smartwatch?

If you're trying to unlock your Galaxy Watch from the network carrier, then you're in luck because Galaxy Watches are not carrier-locked. However, your watch may be administrated by a specific carrier, typically the one your smartphone is attached to, and if you change providers, you'll need to turn on Reactivation Lock to get your Galaxy Watch connected.

If you experience difficulties resetting the network carrier on your Samsung Watch, it may be because you're connecting to a device that is 'locked' to a specific network. If this is the case, you'll only be able to use the Watch with that carrier unless you reach out to either the carrier or Samsung to get the watch 'released' from that carrier.

  1. On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Find My Watch or Find My Gear.

  2. Tap Set Security.

  3. Toggle on the Reactivation Lock.

  4. Enter your PIN and tap OK.

  5. Then, toggle the Reactivation Lock again to turn it off.

If this process worked, your Galaxy Watch should re-register with the carrier network that you're currently using for your smartphone. If it does not work, you'll need to reach out to your carrier or to Samsung to have the watch reset using a reset code.

How Do I Access the Functions on My Galaxy Watch?

If what you're trying to do is unlock your Samsung Watch to access the device's functions, then it should be as easy as swiping the screen or pressing the Home button. If you have enabled PIN or pattern security, you'll need to input the requested information to complete the unlock process. Once you do, you'll have full access to your Galaxy Watch functions.

How Do I Take the Lock Off My Samsung Watch?

If you don't want to input a PIN or trace a pattern every time you want to access the functions of your Galaxy Watch, you can deactivate it. Then when you lift your arm or swipe your watch face, you'll go straight to the Watch screen rather than the security lock.

  1. From the Watch screen on your Galaxy Watch, press the Home button on the side of the watch (the bottom button) to open the Apps screen.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Then tap Security and privacy and select Lock.

  4. Tap Type.

  5. You should see options to set up a PIN, Pattern, or None. To disable the lock screen, tap None.

Now you can use your Watch without using the PIN code or Pattern Lock each time you want to access one of the functions.

  • Can you use a Galaxy Watch to unlock a Samsung phone?

    Currently, that is not an option. However, if you download and install Samsung Flow, you can pair your watch to your PC or tablet. Once your watch is paired, you can use it to unlock your PC or tablet.

  • How do I unlock my Galaxy Watch if I forgot my password?

    If you can't remember the password for your watch, you will need to reset the watch. To reset any version, hold down the Power/Home and Back Button simultaneously until it reboots, and then press the Power/Home button quickly until Select Reboot Mode appears. Finally, select Recovery or Wipe data/Factory reset > Factory data reset, depending on the watch.

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