How to Unlock the Home Screen Layout on Samsung

Plus how to lock it

What to Know

  • From the home screen: Long press home screen > Settings > toggle on Lock Home screen.
  • From the settings menu: Settings > Home Screen Settings > toggle on Lock Home screen.
  • To unlock the home screen, repeat either process above and toggle off Lock Home screen.

This article will show you the two ways to lock a home screen on Samsung smartphones.

How to Lock Home Screen Layout

Locking your home screen can prevent you from altering a perfect layout (or someone else altering a perfect layout).

  1. Long tap on an empty space on your home screen.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap the toggle Lock Home Screen Layout.

    Home screen, Settings and Lock Home screen layout toggle switch.

How to Lock Home Screen Layout Through Settings

The other way to lock the home screen layout is through Settings, usually located in your notification shade. 

  1. Swipe down your notification shade.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Home Screen.

  4. Tap the toggle Lock Home Screen Layout.

    Settings > Home Screen > Lock Home Screen Layout

Why Would You Want Your Home Screen Layout Locked?

Locking your home screen has been around since the days of Android Pie. This feature is not unique to Samsung. Some other launchers and OEM skins include this ability. It serves many purposes, including preventing you from moving icons on your screen, resizing widgets, and more. 

The main reason you want to lock your home screen layout is to avoid accidentally moving or removing icons. Sometimes widgets can be temperamental or easily resized, which can throw off the rest of your setup. Bottom line, it's annoying to go searching for an icon when you can't find it. Locking your home screen is an excellent way to prevent that.

When the home screen layout is locked, it prevents changes on any home screen, not just the first or default home screen. You can still scroll between home screens; that does not lock. But no icons will be added to your home screen when you install new apps. Your home screen will look the same until it is unlocked.

When your home screen is locked, you will not be able to make any changes to the layout. If you long tap on an icon, the options you would typically be able to tap are dimmed. If you try to make any changes, you will get a prompt to turn off the lock screen and offered a quick way to access the setting.

Message when trying to edit a locked home screen on Android.

How to Unlock Your Home Screen

Unlocking your home screen is done the same way as unlocking it. Visit your home screen settings by long-pressing the home screen > Settings or by pulling down your notification shade and going to Settings > Home screen. Once there, tap the toggle called Lock Home screen layout to turn it off. Just like that, you can make changes as needed.

It's easy to lock and unlock your home screen on a Samsung phone, and it may just bring you some peace of mind. At the very least, it may save you some frustration.

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