How to Unlock an Amazon Fire Tablet

Here are several ways to unlock the tablet, even if you've forgotten your PIN

What to Know

  • When the tablet has a PIN or password enabled, just enter either the PIN or password from the lock screen.
  • Missing password/PIN: Enter the incorrect password/PIN five times. Tap Reset Your Pin or Reset Your Password.
  • Then, enter Amazon credentials > Continue > Set up new PIN or password.

This article explains the different lock screen options of an Amazon Fire tablet and how to set them. It will also go over how to unlock your device if you forget your code.

How Do You Unlock a Locked Amazon Fire Tablet?

With a password on your lock screen, turn on the device and enter the password to gain access. With a PIN, turn on the device and enter the PIN to gain access.

How to Reset a Lock Screen PIN or Password on an Amazon Fire Tablet

If you've forgotten the password or PIN for your Fire tablet, can still gain access to your device by completing the following steps.

  1. While at the lock screen, input the wrong password or PIN five times.

  2. Select Reset Your Pin or Reset Your Password.

  3. Enter your Amazon account password and tap Continue.

  4. Select a new PIN or Password and select Finish.

  • How do I unlock an Amazon Fire tablet without a password?

    You need your password or PIN to unlock a Fire tablet if those options are set. To turn them off so you don't need to use them in the future, go to Settings > Security & Privacy and turn off the toggle next to Lock Screen and Passcode. You will need to enter your existing password or PIN to disable the feature.

  • How do I reset an Amazon Fire tablet?

    You can reset newer Amazon Fire tablets by going to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset. If you don't have these options, go to Settings gear > More > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Erase everything.

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