How to Unlock a Tablet

If you've completely forgotten the password, you might need to reset the device

What to Know

  • Once set up, Android tablets and iPads can use PINs, fingerprints or your face to unlock the device.
  • Tap the sleep/wake button and enter in PIN, touch fingerprint reader or just look at the camera.

This article will explain the different methods you can use for unlocking your tablet and what you can do to get it working again if you've forgotten the login credentials. These instructions should work on all brands of Android tablets, including Samsung, Huawei, and Google, along with Apple's iPads.

How Do You Unlock a Locked Tablet?

There are four key ways to lock a tablet:

  • Pattern: You selected a pattern drawn by swiping between a grid of nine on-screen dots. To unlock the tablet, you'll need to swipe the same pattern.
  • PIN: A pincode is a string of four or more numbers. To unlock a tablet with a pin, you'll need to select the same numbers in the same order they were when the tablet was originally set up.
  • Password (Passcode on iPad): Instead of numbers, a password can contain four or more letters or numbers. This could be a memorable word, date, place, or person. To unlock a tablet with a password, you need to input the same password used to set up the device.
  • Biometrics: Some tablets offer finger print or face recognition logins. To unlock the device, you'll need to use the same finger in the same orientation as it was when added, or show the same face as the person who set up the device.

To be able to unlock the tablet, you'll need to use the method used when setting up the device.

How Do I Unlock My Android Tablet If I Forgot the Pattern Lock?

If you have forgotten the pattern to unlock your Android tablet, your first port of call should be to try everything you can to remember it. If you have written it down somewhere, try to find it.

If you really can't remember the pattern on a Samsung tablet, you can use Samsung's Find My Mobile website, but you'll need to know your Samsung account details to login there.

Some older Android tablets can use password recovery functions, but if your tablet is only a few generations old, you'll have to factory reset it.

How Do You Unlock a Tablet Without the Password?

There is no effective way to unlock a tablet without a password. There are some third-party applications which purport to offer that ability, but you should treat any such claims with extreme caution as you risk giving access to your data to the software's developers.

Without the pattern or password, you'll need to factory reset the Android tablet.

When it's set back up again, you could always consider turning off Android's lock screen feature to avoid any problems like this again, but doing so is a severe security risk.

  • Can you unlock an iPad without the password?

    Unfortunately, if you've forgotten the password for an iPad, your only option is to perform a factory reset. This process wipes all the data from the iPad and returns it to an out-of-box state. Ideally, you've been backing up your iPad to iCloud, but if not, once your iPad is reset, start a back-up routine.

  • How do I unlock an Amazon Fire tablet?

    Typically, you unlock an Amazon Fire tablet by swiping up on the screen while the device is powered on. You can also go to Settings > Security & Privacy and set up a passcode to secure it a little more. If you forget the passcode, you may be able to reset it with the credentials of the Amazon account you've linked to the tablet; otherwise, you'll have to do a factory reset.

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