How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

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What to Know

  • Unlinking your Instagram and Facebook accounts can be done from the Instagram app or the website.
  • Go to Profile > Menu > Settings > Accounts Center > Accounts & profiles. Select an account and tap Remove from Accounts Center.
  • Limit interaction between Instagram and Facebook with the options in the Manage connected experiences section of the Accounts Center.

This article explains how to unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram account. It also includes information on how to limit the activity between the two accounts without unlinking completely.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts makes it easy to cross-post, find Facebook friends to connect with on Instagram, and post Instagram stories as Facebook stories. If you have privacy concerns or want to pare down your social media activity, unlink Instagram and Facebook to separate your social profiles.

Here's how to disconnect Facebook from your Instagram account.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android smart device and tap your profile icon in the lower-right corner.

  2. Tap the Menu icon (three lines on iOS and three dots on Android) in the upper-right corner.

  3. Tap Settings.

    Instagram app showing path to Settings
  4. Tap Accounts Center.

  5. Tap Accounts & profiles.

  6. Select the account you want to remove.

    Instagram app showing Accounts Center
  7. Tap Remove from Accounts Center.

  8. When the confirmation message appears, tap Continue.

  9. Tap Remove [account name].

    Instagram showing account removal

Your Facebook account is unlinked from your Instagram account.

If you have a business Instagram page, convert it to a personal page before unlinking Facebook.

Unlink your accounts on the Instagram website in basically the same way as the app. Select your profile and choose Settings > Accounts Center. Locate your account and select Remove from Account Center.

Limit Your Instagram-Facebook Interaction

If you want to keep some Instagram-Facebook connection, there are customization options. For example, you can stop sharing your posts automatically to Facebook but have Facebook friends appear as follower suggestions. You'll also remain visible to Facebook friends on Instagram.

  1. To keep your connection to Facebook but limit the interaction between Instagram and Facebook, go to the Accounts Center on the app by tapping the Menu icon > Settings > Accounts Center.

  2. In the Manage connected experiences section, select the category or categories you want to manage and choose your options.

    • Story & Post Sharing controls whether you automatically share your Instagram story or posts with Facebook.
    • Manage Facebook Pay Info controls whether you have access to the same payment methods with both Facebook and Instagram.
    • Logging in with accounts indicates whether you want to share all logins and provides advanced managed login options.
  3. In the Story & Post Sharing screen, use the radio buttons to identify which account you are setting the options for. Use the sliders to turn Automatically Share on or off for your Instagram posts or story.

    Repeat the process for the other categories.

    Instagram Accounts Center showing Manage connected experiences
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