The uniVERSE Case System from Otterbox

Here is the uniVERSE Case with an Olloclip lens and the Sandisk storage add-on. Otterbox

The folks at Otterbox have created an accessory that may change the landscape for mobile photographers and to be honest, everyone with a smartphone. After I just published an article that lists three cases that are must haves, I see Otterbox releases their uniVERSE Case System. Please note that this article is totally based on my knowledge of Otterbox (I own a case from the Defender Series and my wife has a case from the Commuter Series) and of the Olloclip Lens Kit (I have owned an Olloclip system for every iPhone generation phone I have.) I have not tested this new system from Otterbox. I just love what they are doing with it.

Who is Otterbox?

Otterbox is synonymous with protection for smartphones of all kinds. The cases that they provide can be anywhere from aesthetically pleasing to downright intimidating. You can find Otterbox products just about everywhere. What I am trying to say here, is that Otterbox is the best-known case for protection of your smartphone investment.

Along with the smartphone case, there are multitudes of accessories. Additional storage, camera add-ons, credit card readers, battery packs - the list is endless for the accessories that you can get for your smartphone. The issue with this has been cases and accessories hardly ever worked together. For mobile photographers, there are cases now that are specific to photography but if you are running out of battery, you are going to have quite a time charging, either looking for an outlet or getting yourself a battery pack that you can plug into your lightning slot or USB. Many times you will have to remove the case if you have other accessories to add. This can be very annoying. Once more, just trying to mix and match case and accessory is annoying.

Enter the uniVERSE Case System (unfortunately it's just for the most recent iPhones).

Otterbox has brought us a case that is first off certified to protect your iPhone. This certification is based on 24+ tests and 238+ hours of testing. Their cases are first about protection and have always been about that. According to their website, they are the number one selling case in America. How can you not believe millions of users? Like I said previously, you can find an Otterbox case at every store that has smartphone accessories. It is needless to say, but truly the most trusted case to protect your smartphone is by these guys and gals.

So the company has enlisted partnerships with the best of the best in smartphone devices; Olloclip, Square, SanDisk, and PolarPro to name a few. (I will include the full line of products at the end of this article.) The case, priced at $50, has a slot in the back that you can attach your accessories. You are able to do this without ever having to remove your Otterbox case. I am interested in how Otterbox would respond to the wear and tear of the sliding slot. There are a total of thirteen accessories that will either connect through your lightning port or via Bluetooth. 

For the Mobile Photographers

For the mobile photographers out there, we are in trusted hands that are well respected and the first lens system for the iPhone. The lens system is the 4-in-1set and includes; Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro 10x and Macro 15x)  The system is a clip-on accessory and the case is said to have a notch that secures the system nicely and to put at ease any chance of your lens moving away from the center or at worst, following off. Which brings me to the idea of protection. The uniVERSE case will protect your iPhone. This we know. What will not be protected or certified (I think) under Otterbox certification are the accessories. For instance, the Olloclip, although a great lens system and is a high recommendation from me for lens attachments for smartphones, is made of glass and metal. Glass will scratch and shatter at the worst scenario and metal will scratch and dent and bend. 

Here are the accessories that mobile photographers will love:

  • Olloclip 4-in-1 lens: $80, includes fisheye, wide-angle, 10x and 15x zoom options
  • SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive: $60-$120, available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities
  • Goal Zero slide battery: $55 (6/6s) and $60 (6 Plus/6s Plus), adds a full charge to your iPhone
  • PolarPro Trippler tripod: $50
  • PolarPro Stance compact tripod: $30

It is pretty exciting to have all these accessories to work in unison. The Olloclip system with storage, extra charge, and a tripod, all without having to remove the case - for a mobile photographer that was just a dream and now with this system, has turned to reality.

It Sounds Really Nice

From the outside looking in, the uniVERSE Case system is an awesome system that is not just for the mobile photographer - although I believe that the mobile photographer benefits the most from this system - but all smartphone owners. It does sound like it can be an expensive system if you purchase a lot of the add-ons. This argument can be made for sure. At the same time, we already spend a lot of money on accessories for our iPhones and I would gladly spend the money knowing that all of those different accessories are compatible with my case. 

I am looking forward to trying out the system out in the shooting elements. As much as I have praised the system, I have yet to try it. It sounds really nice.  I hope to put it into practice soon.

Lastly here are the rest of the add-on accessories for the system:

  • Square contactless and chip card reader: $50
  • Nite Ize Steelie vent mount kit: $40
  • Manatee Works StingRay barcode scanner: $95
  • Seek Thermal compact camera and case: starting at $249
  • Influx WiFi booster: $40
  • PolarPro PowerPack removable battery pack: $50
  • PolarPro Beat Pulsar wireless mobile speaker: $60
  • PolarPro Fisheye wide-angle lens: $30
  • PolarPro Trail Blazer armband: $35
  • PolarPro Stash Slim mobile wallet: $20, stores cards on the back of the case