The 7 Best Free Unique Android Apps

Looking for interesting apps for zero bucks? Look no further!

Tired of the same old apps everyone is using? Want to find something new, different, useful, and fun? We've rounded up 8 of our unique app picks for you to try on your Android phone.

App Selection Criteria

For our list of unique Android apps, we considered the following criteria when making our selections:

  • App must be available on Google Play with 3.5 or greater (no third-party app websites or downloads allowed).
  • No games.
  • Reasonable use of ads (ads are a reality with free apps but they don’t have to be completely disruptive).
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To-do List: Memory Helper

Screenshot of a to-do list in Memory Helper app
Memory Helper Screenshot.

Renee Midrack, Lifewire

What We Like
  • Simple-to-use interface.

  • Handy reminders about items on your list.

What We Don't Like
  • Ads get annoying.

  • Very few features.

  • Pay to remove ads.

Memory Helper is a super simple and easy to use to-do list app. The to-do lists keep everything you need to remember in one handy place but the special thing about this app is that it presents you with a reminder of your to-do list every time you turn on or unlock your phone. Great for people who get busy and forget things like eating lunch (guilty!) or for folks who just simply have a tough time remembering everything they need to get done in a day.

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Weather: What the Forecast?!!

Screenshot of What the Forecast?!! App
What the Forecast?!!.

Renee Midrack, Lifewire

What We Like
  • Amusing weather commentary.

  • Colorful graphics reflecting the weather.

  • 10-day forecast and air quality index.

  • Easily share screenshots.

What We Don't Like
  • Ads get very annoying.

  • Pay for the widget and to remove ads.

  • No weather radar.

There are tons of weather forecast apps out so you may be wondering what makes this one special? Unlike other descriptive or funny weather apps, What the Forecast?!! has over 6,000 different weather descriptions for all different kinds of conditions without seeing the same old saying over and over. This one also includes the ability to choose the level of profanity the user wants – off for no profanity, on for full-on profanity, and some for a little bit of mild profanity. Note: 17+ on this app due to profanity options.

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Video: Motion Stills

Motion Stills Screenshot from Google Play Listing
Motion Stills.

Google Play

What We Like
  • Easy to use.

  • Create GIFs in 3 video qualities.

  • Watermark your creations.

  • Save GIFs to gallery.

What We Don't Like
  • Using the AR causes some lag.

  • No editing features.

The Motion Stills app from Google Research allows you to record short video clips and combine them into longer creations to share with friends and family as videos or looping GIFs. The app also includes stabilizing and rendering features to avoid that unintended shaky-camera effect.

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Adventure: Street Hunt

Street Hunt Screenshot from Google Play Listing
Street Hunt.

Google Play

What We Like
  • Interface is easy to use and understand.

  • Shows journey distance on lock screen.

What We Don't Like
  • Does not give safe walking routes.

  • Can't restart the walk until the current one is complete.

Tired of the same old boring neighborhood walk? Or maybe you’ve just relocated and would like to explore your new neighborhood on foot? Street Hunt takes you on a mystery walk. You enter the distance you'd like to walk and the app will choose a unique destination for you to hunt for. The app gives you cues when you are getting closer or farther from your destination. When you successfully find the mystery location and complete the hunt, the app tracks your success so you can compete with friends and other street hunters using the app.

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Health: UVLens

UVLens Screenshot from Google Play Listing

Google Play

What We Like
  • Easy-to-understand interface.

  • Skin profile to help with skin protection.

  • Sunscreen reminder.

What We Don't Like
  • Occasional performance issues.

  • Not 100% accurate.

This app is your skin’s new best friend. UVLens not only shows you the UV forecast for your area as well as the best times to be outside or avoid the sun and stay in, but also offers a skin assessment tool that tracks your burn risk in real-time while you are outside. A handy sunscreen reminder tells you when it’s time to reapply. UVLens helps you safely enjoy the outdoors while minimizing your risk for sun damage and sunburn.

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TV and Movies: Upflix

Upflix Screenshot of Roulette Mode
Upflix - Roulette Mode.

Renee Midrack, Lifewire

What We Like
  • Quick view of new and exiting programs and movies.

  • Get programming information with a single tap.

  • Ratings from IMDB, Flixter, and Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Built-in social media sharing.

What We Don't Like
  • Gave an error the first time loading.

  • Ads are very intrusive.

Netflix users will love Upflix. Upflix sends you updates in real-time when new movies, shows, and documentaries are added to the Netflix catalog. The app also helps you navigate the huge list of Netflix offerings with additional search options and maintains a list of soon-to-expire Netflix offerings so you can watch them before they're gone. Not sure what to watch? Roulette Mode uses your selected filters and categories to find something new and interesting for you to watch.

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Dining: Tab

Tab Screenshot from Google Play Listing

Google Play

What We Like
  • Edit bill items, scan bills, and convert bills.

  • Share bills and manage a friend's portion of a bill.

  • Clean and slick interface.

  • Helpful tutorial walks you through the process.

What We Don't Like
  • Some scans require considerable editing.

  • Scanner can be fussy about crinkled receipts.

Love dining out with your friends but hate the math chore of splitting up the bill at the end of the meal? The Tab app solves that problem! Take a picture of your receipt, tap to select the items that you ordered, and Tab calculates your total – including your portion of the tax and tip. When your friends use Tab also, each can select their ordered items and sync with everyone at the table. If it happens to be someone’s birthday, you can even have their portion of the tab split equally between the remaining diners.