UniPDF Review

Convert PDF to DOC, GIF, HTML, MBP, JPG, PNG, TIF, TXT, and More

Screenshot of UniPDF in Windows
UniPDF. © UniPDF.com

UniPDF is a free PDF to Word converter (PDF to DOC) that's easy to use, quick to download, and skips the confusing options found in other programs like this.

You can also convert from PDF to number of additional file formats, all of which I list below.

How UniPDF Converts PDFs

UniPDF has a desktop program for Windows that converts PDFs to any of the supported output formats.

The UniPDF software supports drag and drop and batch PDF conversions.

UniPDF Output Formats


My Thoughts on UniPDF

UniPDF is super simple to use. You can drag and drop PDFs into the program in a snap and then quickly select any of the preset output formats to being converting.

Something I found to be of just a small annoyance is that if you wish to convert a PDF to an image or Word document file, you must first go into the settings and choose the file format that will be used when selecting the image or Word preset. You can't simply convert a PDF and then have the option to choose PNG over JPG, for example - it is a default setting switch you must make to change the format.

I converted a few different PDFs to the DOC format to find the font, images, and text were all in the correct places and looked nearly identical to the PDF, only editable, which is wonderful.