UniPDF Review

Convert PDF to DOC for free with this Windows app

UniPDF is a free PDF to Word converter, meaning that it can save a PDF to the DOC format. It's really easy to use, supports other export formats, can convert selected pages, downloads and installs quickly, and skips the confusing options found in other programs like this.

UniPDF Free home screen
What We Like
  • Decently replicates the PDF without many formatting issues.

  • Really easy to use.

  • Daily limit probably isn't an issue for most people.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited to three conversions per day.

  • Converts one at a time (no batch mode support).

  • Won't convert to DOCX.

How UniPDF Converts PDFs

UniPDF is a desktop program for Windows that converts PDFs. It lets you import a single document that's stored on your computer. Bulk mode is supported only if you pay.

In the settings are options for changing the language of the program, choosing where to save converted files, and picking which Word and/or image file format (from the list below) will be used when converting the PDF.

If you select All, from the Selected Pages column, you can define which pages should be converted. To save only the fourth page to DOC, for example, you'd enter 4-4.

If you need to convert more than one file to Word at once and/or you want an online alternative (doesn't require a software download), try FreeFileConvert.

UniPDF Output Formats

Between the settings and the primary screen where you pick an output formats, these are your options for what the PDF should be converted to:


A conversion from PDF to any of these formats is not necessary if you just need to read the PDF. For that, use a free PDF reader.

UniPDF Limitations

This tool limits your usage to three conversions per day. If you try to do more, you'll see an 'upgrade' prompt, where you can enter the username and registration code to the professional version if you've purchased it.

While some converters let you convert multiple files at once, this one doesn't support batch conversions unless you pay for UniPDF Pro. The paid edition includes automatic updates and is the only way you can legally use the software for non-personal reasons.

As you can see from the output formats listed above, UniPDF doesn't support the newest DOCX format used in Microsoft Word.

You can always convert your final DOC file to DOCX with a free document file converter.

Final Thoughts on UniPDF

UniPDF is super simple to use. You can drag and drop the PDF into the program in a snap, and then quickly select any of the preset output formats to use as the conversion type.

Something you might find annoying is when you switch from the default RTF format to DOC, you have to go into the settings. It's not hard to do, but it is an extra step that some converters don't have you make.

We converted a few PDFs to the DOC format and found that the font, images, and text were all in the correct places and looked nearly identical to the PDF, only editable, which is great.

The software runs on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

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