How to Uninstall Firefox for Mac

Move on from Firefox and completely remove it

What to Know

  • Right-click Firefox in Applications folder and select Move to Trash.
  • Or, open Launchpad and drag Firefox to Trash.
  • Go to Library > Application Support. Right-click Firefox and select Move to Trash.

This guide explains how to uninstall Firefox for Mac, including Firefox-related files that might be stored in your Mac's Library.

How to Uninstall Firefox for Mac

To uninstall apps from your Mac, send them to your computer's Trash. To uninstall Firefox, right-click its icon in your Applications folder and select Move to Trash.

Alternatively, drag the icon directly to the Trash.

The Move to Trash command

If right-clicking is unavailable to you, just click the Firefox icon (in the Applications folder) and then go the File menu and select Move to Trash.

That's it. However, it's worth bearing in mind that, after you move Firefox to Trash, it will remain in the Trash bin/folder for 30 days, at which point it will be automatically and permanently deleted from your Mac. So if you happen to have second thoughts, you have the chance to quickly restore Firefox to your Applications, provided that you act within 30 days, of course.

How to Uninstall Firefox with Launchpad

You can also uninstall Firefox for Mac by using a slightly modified version of the process above. Instead of going to Finder, you can instead open Launchpad, which is where your Mac's various apps can be accessed and opened.

To do so, open Launchpad by clicking its icon on the Dock, and then drag Firefox's icon to the trash.

Dragging Firefox to the Trash from Launchpad

Complete the Uninstallation Process by Deleting Firefox-Related Files

Moving Firefox to the Trash folder effectively uninstalls it from your Mac. However, as with the uninstallation of other apps, you may find that certain Firefox-related files remain saved to your Mac even after you trash Firefox itself. You don't have to remove these files, but if you are a completionist, read on.

Here's how to delete the additional application-related files for Firefox:

  1. Click the Go menu in Finder while holding the Option key.

  2. Click Library.

  3. Select Application Support.

  4. Right-click Firefox.

  5. Choose Move to Trash.

    Alternatively, drag this folder to the Trash.

    Uninstalling Firefox files

About Firefox for Mac

Firefox is an internet browser developed by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation (and also by its for-profit subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation). It's generally an excellent alternative to Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and other major browsers,

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