How to Unhide Apps on an iPhone

Unhide them via the App Library or from Hidden Purchases

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What to Know

  • To unhide a hidden app, go to App Library and find the app. Tap and hold the icon and slide it left.
  • To retrieve a deleted app, tap App Store > your profile icon > Purchased> Not on this iPhone > download icon.

This article explains how to unhide apps you hid on your iPhone and how to retrieve apps you deleted from your iPhone.

How Do I Unhide Hidden Apps?

You may have hidden apps on your iPhone in the past because you weren't using them often or you just like a few tidy Home screens. If you decide you want a hidden app back on your Home screen, you can find it in your App Library.

This method applies to apps you hid on your iPhone, not to apps you hid in your Purchased Apps list or deleted from the iPhone.

  1. Swipe from right to left on the Home screen to open the App Library. It might be a few screens over, so keep swiping until you see App Library in a search bar at the top of the screen.

    The iPhone Home screen and App Library
  2. Tap the search bar in the App Library to view an alphabetical listing of apps. Scroll to the app you want to unhide.

    Don't remember the exact name of the app you want? Not a problem. You can type one or two letters of the name in the search field and then look through the results that appear until you find what you're looking for.

  3. Tap and hold the name of the app you want to unhide. Slide your finger to the left without releasing the app to move it to your home screen, where it and all the rest of the apps on the screen will be jiggling. Continue to slide the app until it is on the Home screen where you want it. Tap Done.

    The App Library showing listing of apps

How Do You Find Deleted Apps on iPhone Home Screen?

If what you want is to find an app that you deleted (not hid) on your iPhone, there's another way to go about it.

  1. Open the App Store app and tap the Account button at the top of the screen. It probably has your picture on it.

    iPhone Home screen with App Store app highlighted
  2. Select Purchased and tap the Not on this iPhone tab.

  3. Scroll down and tap the app you want to retrieve. When you find it, tap the download icon next to it to add it to your iPhone.

    App Store app showing the Not on this iPhone tab

    If the app you retrieve was originally a paid app, you don't have to pay for it again.

  • How do you unhide apps on Apple Watch?

    Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Go to the My Watch tab > Installed on Apple Watch and turn on the Show App on Apple Watch toggle for the app you want to unhide.

  • How do I unhide all apps on my iPhone?

    There is no way to unhide all hidden apps simultaneously. You must redownload them individually.

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