How to Unfollow on TikTok

You can unfollow from their profile or your Following tab

What to Know

  • Unfollow someone from their page: select the person icon.
  • Quickly unfollow multiple accounts: Profile > Following, then tap Following.

This article explains how to unfollow one or more people on TikTok, and explains what exactly that means. We'll also look at how to stop someone else from following you. These directions apply to Android and iOS.

How Do I Unfollow Someone on TikTok?

You can unfollow a single TikTok account by visiting their page and pressing the person icon.

The other person is not notified you've unfollowed them.

  1. Open the profile page for the person you want to unfollow. There are two ways to do that:

    • Select their profile image to the right if you're currently watching one of their videos.
    • Open the search bar at the top of the Home or Discover page, and find the user by their username.
  2. Select the person icon to immediately unfollow them. The icon has a checkmark if you're following them but they aren't following you, or two lines if you're following each other.

    Unfollow button on TikTok user profile

How Do I Unfollow Multiple People at Once on TikTok?

A quick way to declutter your Home feed is to unfollow multiple people in quick succession. View the list of people you're following on TikTok to easily unfollow one user after another, without needing to visit each person's profile page individually.

  1. Select Profile from the tabs at the bottom of the app.

  2. Choose Following from the options at the top, directly under your profile image.

  3. In this tab is a list of everyone you follow. Scroll or search through it, and tap Following next to each person you want to remove from the list. The button will change to Follow to indicate you're not currently following them.

    TikTok following list

How Do I Unfollow Everyone I Follow on TikTok?

As handy as it'd be if you're looking for a fresh start or an easy way to purge the list of people you follow, there isn't a TikTok-approved method to unfollow everyone at once.

The best way to unfollow everyone is to walk through the second set of steps above. Just scroll through your list and tap the button next to every user you don't want to follow anymore. You'll find you can remove several accounts in seconds.

Spending some time every day working through your list will clear it out eventually, if that's your end goal. The only other way to delete everyone from your follow list—and this is more of a workaround—is to simply make a new account. Of course, doing so will remove all of your followers, too, and you'd need to get a different username.

Do not use bots to manage unfollows for you. It could break your usage agreement with TikTok and get you kicked off the platform.

What Does Unfollowing Someone Do?

Following TikTok users puts their videos in your Home tab, specifically within the Following tab. This makes it easy to locate all the newest videos from people you've chosen to keep tabs on. Unfollowing, then, removes those accounts from that area of the app/website. You can still find them on your For You page or through a search.

There are a couple differences, though. For one, following someone will notify them that you've added them to your follow list. Unfollowing someone will not notify them, making the only way for them to confirm you have done so is to go to your profile or their list of followers.

To initiate a private message with another user, you both need to be following each other. So, if you both follow each other, but then you unfollow them, the Message button on their profile will disappear.

Unfollowing someone doesn't delete comments they've made on your videos, the comments you've made on their videos, videos you've liked, or TikTok videos you've downloaded. Those things are valid irrespective of follow status, so they remain even if you do or don't follow someone, or if you used to follow them but don't anymore.

Can You Remove Followers on TikTok?

People can follow you even if you don't follow them, so removing someone you follow doesn't necessarily mean they won't just add you again. You can, however, force this to happen by removing them from your list.

Removing someone who follows you isn't the same as removing people you follow, but the steps are just as easy: from your profile, select Followers under your image, and then use the three-dot menu to the right of a user to find the Remove this follower option.

Remove this follower option in TikTok for Android

The only way to stop someone else from following you for good is to block them. Use the three-dot menu at the top-right of someone's profile to find the Block button.

  • Why did TikTok unfollow everyone?

    If your Following list has mysteriously disappeared, it's more than likely a glitch on TikTok's end. Close and reopen the app, and then see if an update is available.

  • Does TikTok notify when you unfollow someone?

    Other than their count going down, a TikTok user won't know when someone stops following them. They'll only know for sure if they notice that your name isn't on their list; TikTok doesn't send a notification.

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