How to Highlight Text in Yahoo Mail Messages

Make your text stand out when sending messages with Yahoo Mail

What to Know

  • Select the text.
  • Click B (for bold), I (for italics), colored dots (for the font color or background color), or Aa (for the font style and size).
  • Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts listed below.

Here's how to make text stand out in Yahoo Mail messages by changing its style. Instructions apply to the standard web version of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Basic and the Yahoo Mail mobile app offer limited formatting options.

How to Highlight Text With Bold, Italics, Color, Size, or Font

Here's how to format text to help it stand out:

  1. Select the text that you want to emphasize.

  2. Choose the the desired formatting from the bar at the bottom. Options are B (bold), I (italics), the three colored dots (text color and background), and Aa (size and font).

    Yahoo Mail formatting toolbar
  3. If you're changing the color of the text or its background, select a color for each after you click the three colored dots.

    Yahoo Mail text and highlight color palette
  4. To change the text's size or font, click Aa and choose from the options in the menu.

    Font size selection in Yahoo Mail

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Highlight the text you wish to format, and enter one of the following shortcuts:

    • Press Ctrl+B (Windows, Linux) or Command+B (Mac) for bold.
    • Press Ctrl+I (Windows, Linux) or Command+I (Mac) for italics.
    • Press Ctrl+U (Windows, Linux) or Command+U (Mac) for underlined.

    Not all email clients and services display highlights or other types of text formatting.

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