How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad

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What to Know

  • Tap Settings Phone > Blocked Contacts. Swipe right to left across the number, then tap Unblock.
  • To unblock people who text you: Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts. Swipe right to left on the number and tap Unblock.
  • To unblock a contact: Go to the Contacts app. Tap the person's entry, then tap Unblock this caller.

This article explains how to unblock a contact on the iPhone and iPad. Instructions apply to iOS 11 and up (and iPadOS 13 and up). The exact menu names may be slightly different for different OS versions, but the basic steps still apply.

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad

If you previously blocked a number on your iPhone or iPad, here's how to unblock the number so that the contact can call, text, and FaceTime you again:

  1. Tap Settings > Phone. On an iPad, which doesn't use the Phone app, tap Settings > FaceTime.

  2. Tap Blocked Contacts (on older versions of the OS, tap Call Blocking & Identification).

  3. In the Blocked Contacts list, swipe right to left across the number, then tap Unblock.

    Phone, Call Blocking & Identification, Unblock buttons in iOS Settings

How to Unblock People Who Text You

If you blocked someone in Messages to prevent the person from text messaging you, you can unblock the number in Messages settings you they can text you again.

  1. Open Settings and tap Messages.

  2. Scroll down and tap Blocked Contacts (on older OSes, this is just Blocked).

  3. Swipe right to left on the number you want to unblock and tap Unblock.

    Messages, Blocked, Unblock buttons in iOS Settings

How to Unblock Callers in Your Contacts List

If the blocked number belongs to someone in your Contacts list, unblock the number from their listing in Contacts. Go to the Contacts app and find the person's entry. Tap it.

Then scroll to the bottom of the person's contact information and tap Unblock this Caller.

How to Unblock a Number With Your Phone Company

Using the call-blocking feature built into iPhone and iPad to block a contact is quick and straightforward, but it's not the only way to block numbers. Most phone companies offer a service—sometimes for a fee, sometimes free—that you can use to block phone numbers. If you've blocked phone numbers that way, the steps earlier in this article won't work for you. Those only apply to numbers blocked on your Apple device using the built-in features.

If you used your phone company's call-blocking service and want to unblock a number, call the phone company or try its online help or iPhone app (if there is one). The phone company can unblock the number for you.

  • How can you tell if someone blocked your number on iPhone?

    To find out if someone blocked you on your iPhone, ask them directly. If you're not comfortable with that, one indicator of being blocked is getting a single ring that goes to voicemail. This doesn't definitely mean you're blocked, however—the person may be on another call or the iPhone may be in Do Not Disturb mode.

  • How do you unblock someone on Facebook on an iPhone?

    To unblock someone on Facebook using the Facebook app on your iPhone, go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking. In the Blocked People section, find the person you want to unblock and select Unblock. Select Unblock again to confirm.

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