How to Unarchive an Instagram Post

Archived posts are under your profile, so you can always see and unarchive them

What to Know

  • Tap your profile > menu > Archive > Posts Archive > select image > ellipsis > show on profile
  • To access your stories archive, tap Archive > Stories Archive. Tap an image > More to post.
  • Archiving a post hides it from all your followers and the public, but you can still view it.

This article teaches you how to unarchive an Instagram post. It also looks at why you may wish to do so and how to view your archive.

How to Unarchive Instagram Posts

If you change your mind and wish to unarchive an Instagram post, returning it to your profile, it's quite simple to do. Here's how to unarchive Instagram posts.

  1. Tap your profile image.

  2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.

  3. Tap Archive.

    Steps required to find Archive on Instagram.
  4. Tap Stories Archive.

  5. Tap Posts Archive.

    If you would prefer to restore a story or live Instagram post, tap on one of these.

  6. Tap the image you wish to unarchive.

    Steps required to find image in posts archive on Instagram.
  7. Tap the horizontal ellipsis in the right hand corner.

  8. Tap Show on Profile.

    Steps required to unarchive a post on Instagram.

    If you wish to delete it instead, tap Delete to permanently remove the image. 

  9. The image will now be available on your profile.

How to Access the Instagram Story Archive

Accessing your Instagram archive can be useful as it means you can view expired stories. All your stories are automatically stored here unless you choose to disable the feature. Here's how to view your Instagram story archive.

All Instagram stories are kept for you to look through, without them being public to others.

  1. From the Archive, tap Posts Archive.

  2. Tap Stories Archive.

    Steps required to find Stories archive on Instagram.
  3. View your past stories including past memories.

  4. Tap on any to view them.

  5. To post it on your profile again, tap More.

  6. Tap Share as post to post it on your Instagram profile.

    Steps required to post an archived story as a post on Instagram.

What Does It Mean to Unarchive an Instagram Post?

Unarchiving a post means your photo or video is restored to your Instagram profile. Previously, it was only possible for you to view it. Once it is unarchived, it is viewable by anyone (or anyone that follows you in the case of private profiles).

Why Would I Want to Archive or Unarchive a Post?

Archiving a post means you can make something private and solely viewable by you, without deleting it. An archived post still shows all its comments and likes, so you have a full history of what happened when the post was originally published. 

Unarchiving a post can be useful when you decide to restore the post for others to see. For a personal account, it can be so you can show the post to others again. For a business account, it can mean that you can restore a post for a particular time of year such as for Christmas or another special occasion. 

Posts stay archived indefinitely while you own the Instagram account, so you can restore them whenever you want.

  • How do I mass archive Instagram posts?

    You can only archive one post at a time. If you want to mass archive posts, use an auto-clicker app to record yourself archiving a post and have it repeat automatically.

  • Can I see who saved my Instagram posts?

    No. The only way to know who has saved your Instagram post is to ask your followers. To see how many people saved it, go to Settings > Account > View Insights.

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