The Ultimate Guide to Your First iPhone

New to the iPhone world? Here's the best place to dive in and learn how it all works.

Where to Start

Totally new to the iPhone? Don't worry. We'll be with you each step of the way.

iPhone Reviews

Good news: There aren't a lot of iPhone models to choose from. Bad news: You still have to pick one.


For all the praise the iPhones gets, it doesn't always behave.

Let's Make a Call

Let's take a look at the phone part of the iPhone.

TO: Cc Bcc:

You'll be surprised how capable the iPhone is when it comes to email.

This One Goes to 11

It's true: You can leave your beloved iPod in a drawer.

The Internet's On Here, Too?

Who needs a desktop computer when the iPhone's browser is this good?

Get More From Your iPhone's Camera

If you've never used an iPhone for photography before, you're likely going to be surprised how good the quality can be. Let's learn all the features and how to make sure you always get a keeper while snapping away.