Ultimate Guide to Get More Blog Readers

Everything You Need to Know to Increase Blog Traffic

There are many articles on blogging that offer tips and suggestions to help you get more blog readers, and now you can access them all in one place in this Ultimate Guide to Get More Blog Readers. Follow the links below, which are broken into specific activity categories, and watch your blog traffic and audience grow!

Great Content

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The first step to getting more people to read your blog is to write great content. To do that, you need to learn how to blog. The following articles teach you what you need to know to write great blog content that people want to read:

Search Engine Optimization

Take some time to learn at least some basic search engine optimization (SEO) tricks and best practices. The following articles teach you the SEO do's and don'ts that can help you attract more traffic to your blog via search engines:

  1. Top 10 SEO Tips
  2. How Many Links Are Too Many Links for SEO?
  3. Top 4 Keyword Research Tools
  4. 5 Tricks to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts
  5. 5 Tricks to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Blog
  6. 5 Tips to Increase Incoming Links to Your Blog
  7. Boost Blog Traffic with Long Tail SEO
  8. Advanced SEO Tips from SEO Expert Gab Goldenberg

Link Building and More

The more incoming links to your blog, the more potential traffic your blog will get. Read the following articles to learn how and why you should start working to increase the number of links to your blog as well as some other ways to boost blog traffic:


    Twitter is an excellent tool to share links to your blog content and spread that content to wider audiences. Learn how to do it in these articles:

    Social Bookmarking

    Social bookmarking isn't as popular as it once was, but it's still a quick and easy way to give your blog content more exposure which could lead to traffic. Learn how it works in these articles:

    Blog Contests

    Everyone loves contests. Read the articles listed below to learn how you can use giveaways to increase blog traffic:

    Guest Blogging

    Writing for other blogs and inviting bloggers to write posts on your blog is a great way to increase your exposure, incoming links to your blog, build relationships, and get more readers for your blog. Learn how in these articles:

    Social Media Marketing and Blogging Help

    There is more to social media marketing than Twitter and social networking. Learn about many of the other ways you can promote your blog and get more readers via social media through the resources suggested in the following articles:

    Subscriptions, Syndication and Analytics

    Most bloggers don't know all the ways that subscriptions and syndication can drive traffic and readers to your blog. Learn more about syndication and learn how to track your blog's performance so you know what is and isn't working in these articles: