The Ultimate Guide To Finding Something To Watch Online

The world has changed. Instead of being forced to align our schedules to network television or movie theater listings in order to catch our favorite shows, now we can go on the Web and watch nearly anything we want, at any time we want, in a way that is most convenient for us: via computer, tablet, or other mobile device. In this article, we're going to take a comprehensive look at the best ways to watch TV, videos, and movies online.

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How to Find Free Movies Online

Top Ten Sites for Free Full Length Movies: Yes, it's possible to find full-length movies on the Web. These sites are the best places to find them.

I've rounded up dozens more of the best places on the Web to watch free movies in my article titled Even More Free Movie Sites Online. You'll also want to check out A Guide to Finding Free Movies on the Web and Independent Films and Documentaries.

If you're looking for family-friendly movie websites, check out Five Sites for Great Kids' Movies. These are quality websites that offer a wide variety of movies, videos, and cartoons all aimed at the younger set.

The Internet Movie Database is the most comprehensive website on the Web for not only watching movies, videos, and trailers, but also finding actor bios, scripts, upcoming movie information, and much, much more.

Hulu is one of the most popular websites for watching TV shows, videos, and full-length movies.

If you'd like to browse through a wide variety of free movie websites, try 32 Sites for Watching Free Movies Online, a frequently updated list of the best sites to find all sorts of great free movies.

Google's Search Options make it easy for you to limit your search to full length movies. For example, a search for Casablanca yields far too many results, but if you click on Hide options Show options..., then Videos, you can specify the time duration you are looking for: Long (20 min or more). Ta da - now you can watch Casablanca, right in your Web browser.

Similar options are available at Yahoo if you choose to search in Video; you can then fiddle with the duration filter to specify how long of a video you are looking for.


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Movie Previews

Movie Previews and Trailers

Misc. Multimedia Resources

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More people are watching free videos on the Web than ever before in history. Find out where you can watch free videos online.

How to Find Popular Videos

Here are the top ten most popular video sites on the web - you'll be able to use these sites to find all sorts of free videos, movies, and documentaries, as well as short films, viral videos, and much more.

One of my favorite things to do on the Web is browse through the video selection over at YouTube.

There are PLENTY of places on the Web where you can find free educational videos. Here are my picks for some of the best free educational videos and education video sites online.

Many times a video becomes extremely popular by being passed around via email or social networking websites. There are a few different ways you can determine which videos are the most popular at any given time, including:

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Television Shows

Did you know that you can watch many of your favorite channels on the Web? Here are over 30 different sites where you can watch free TV online. There's also quite a few sites that offer free, high quality, streaming media TV shows; you can find them at Nine Sites Where You Can Watch Free TV Shows.

Misc. Videos, Movies, and Movie Resources

Once you take advantage of all the free video, movie, and TV sites on the Web, there's simply no need to keep paying those inflated cable fees and movie ticket admissions. A few sites that can help you save money:

  • Rotten Tomatoes: One of the oldest movie review sites on the Web. Find information about any upcoming movie here, as well as movie trailers, community discussions, and critical viewpoints.
  • Surf The Channel is a video search engine that looks for high-quality movies and videos all over the Web.
  • Joost: Watch your favorite TV shows and movies in one convenient place.
  • Google Video brings back movies and videos from a variety of different sources.
  • OVGuide brings back multimedia from over 3000 different sources.
  • FreeTube brings you instant live streaming TV and movies, watchable from within your Web browser.

More Free Movies and Multimedia

Need even more free movies and media? Keep on going to The Best Free Movie Sites, or check out this list of free movie downloads, videos, and short films.