Uber Is Bringing Rail and Plane Tickets to Its UK App

And car rentals, too

Uber users in the UK are about to get a few more travel options, as the app is getting new features for setting up non-rideshare forms of travel.

In a recent announcement, Uber states that it's adding the ability for users to book travel tickets for airlines, coach buses, and trains—along with car rentals—but only in the UK. The aim is to provide UK residents with a way to set up all of their cross and inter-country travel needs in a single place, on top of also having an Uber driver waiting for them once they disembark.

People wait to get on the Avanti West Coast train at Stoke-on-Trent Train Station

Nathan Stirk / Contributor / Getty Images

According to Uber, the company itself won't be supplying the tickets or rental cars, and will instead act as a go-between for other transportation providers. It hasn't revealed the names of any of these partner companies just yet, but it says it will confirm everyone that's onboard "in the coming months."

Passengers at Edinburgh airport in the UK

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"Everyone values the freedom to make travel arrangements in a simple and convenient way, which is why we're excited to become a one-stop shop for all your travel needs," said Uber's UK, Northern & Eastern Europe Regional General Manager, Jamie Heywood, in the press release, "You have been able to book rides, bikes, boat services, and scooters on the Uber app for a number of years, so adding trains and coaches is a natural progression."

The expectation is that Uber users in the UK will be able to use the app to book their train and airline tickets "later this summer." So far, it has not stated (or even implied) whether or not similar functions will be added to the app in other regions.

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