Uber Improves Safety for Riders and Drivers With an Updated Toolkit

Even ADT is getting involved

Uber's Safety Toolkit has been given additional features to give riders more options if something doesn't feel right about their ride.

Rideshares like Uber are incredibly commonplace and convenient for many, but they can also be dangerous for both riders and drivers. It's something Uber (as well as other companies) has been working to address over the years. Now the company has taken another incremental step with an update to its in-app Safety Toolkit.

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The feature has been adjusted so that tapping the safety shield icon during a ride will pull up a menu full of large, easily-identifiable icons representing your different options. As either a rider or driver, you can report safety issues directly to Uber and share your trip status with friends and family.

ADT (the alarm company) is also getting involved via an added feature to get in touch with one of its safety experts. Connecting with ADT will allow the safety expert to monitor your trip and stay in contact (through text or over the phone), and they can contact 911 on your behalf, if necessary. It's intended as a sort of safety net for non-critical situations when direct assistance may not be necessary.

Updated Uber Safety Toolkit


Texting 911 through the Uber app has been available for some time but was previously limited to only a few key areas. Now, according to Uber, about 60% of the US can use the feature, including New York City and the entirety of California. All you have to do is select the option, and the app will prepare a text that includes your destination info, current location, and details of the vehicle you're in. Once sent, you can continue to update the 911 operator as needed.

All of these Safety Toolkit updates should be available now through the Uber app. Residents of Milwaukee, WI, should be aware that ADT can't call 911 for them due to local ordinances, however, contacting 911 directly through the app will still work.

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