Uber Adds Extra Features for Airport Travelers

Book early, have a car waiting for you, or have food ready when you land

Uber has unveiled several planned features intended for frequent flyers and casual airline travelers alike.

A recent announcement highlights several features intended to make the part of your trip that comes after touchdown go a little more smoothly. It's not just about having a car waiting when you de-plane, either. You'll also be able to use Mobile Ordering For Pickup to order food in advance, and have a meal ready via Uber Eats once you've left your arrival gate.

Airplane parked at a terminal gate.

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Ready When You Are is a new option that will let you request a ride when your plane lands, but specify when you want to be picked up. You can choose between "as soon as possible," 10 minutes, or up to 20 minutes, to give yourself more time to get from your gate to the exit.

This feature is available on Android starting Wednesday and will be coming to iOS sometime in November.

Uber Reserve is being expanded to include airport travel, allowing you up to 30 days of lead time to reserve a car to pick you up.

Flight tracking also is being added, which will automatically adjust your reservation time if your flight comes in early or late. And if you get held up on the way out for some reason, drivers will wait for up to an hour for no added charge.

Reserve in advance

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Uber Reserve and Ready When You Are both are available now at several major airports across the US, as well as in a few other countries—but not everywhere. If you want to check for your airport, you can find the details in Uber's announcement.

Mobile Ordering For Pickup is currently being tested at Toronto Pearson Airport and should be available in the US sometime within the next several months.

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