Uber Adds New 'Explore' Feature to Its App

Buy tickets and book reservations in a new tab

Uber is launching a new feature called Uber Explore, which allows people to search through nearby events and make reservations.

Explore will appear as a new tab within the app and will have everything categorized, such as a section for nearby bars, concerts, restaurants, and more. On top of that, Uber Explore will have four unique features, including one-click rides, special discounts on rides, and a personalized feed.

Uber Explore


Similar to other event apps, Uber Explore will have directions to locations, and people can upload photos and write reviews. You will also get special discounts based on popular places in your area; Uber provided the example of people getting 15 percent off their rides through these deals.

Other features include the aforementioned one-click rides, which allows you to book a ride to an established destination with a single tap, and personalized suggestions based on past experiences. You'll also be able to purchase tickets directly through the app using your Uber Wallet.

Man and woman in an Uber

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The Uber Explore rollout is limited to 14 cities across the United States (Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Orlando, to name a few) and one international city (Mexico City), though the company has plans to expand Uber Explore to other cities in the coming months.

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