Typing Speed Test Sites

A woman typing on a keyboard.


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How many words per minute (or WPM) you could type used to be something important to a certain group of people - if that group of people was contained of office workers, anyway. To learn your WPM score, you would be timed on how many words you could type in the minute, and you would be docked for any words that have mistakes.

The passages don't usually make much sense, but they designed to force you to use as many possible keyboard combinations as possible. They will usually feature a great deal of punctuation and/or numbers to make you leave your comfort zone. Backspacing is usually allowed, but once you have completed a word, you will be docked if it's typed incorrectly. Any corrections must be done before you hit that spacebar for the next word.

These days, there are many websites that will do the dirty work for you to figure out your WPM score. Here are just a few:

  • 10 Fast Fingers: A very basic testing site, this one will rank you against other users of the site.
  • Calculator Cat: This site has a very short test. While most time you for a minute, this one just has you type one sentence.
  • Learning Games For Kids: As its name indicates, this test is geared toward kids. Although the site has bright colors, the testing words are a bit hard to read and it has some extremely distracting sound effects.
  • Typeracer: This site not only tests your WPM score, but it also lets you race against other people at the same time.