5 Types of Internet Creepers and How to Avoid Them

A man wearing a mask while using a computer
Photo: Peter Dazeley / Getty

Creepers are no longer just lurking around the corner as you walk by your favorite bar, leering at you with drool coming out of the corner of their mouths. Creepers have now joined the 21 st century and are online in a big way.

There are so many creepers out there that we had to write an article just to let you know about some of the ones you might encounter on the Inter-webs.

Some creepers are just annoying and others are just plain scary. Here are 5 Types of Internet creepers and some tips on how to avoid them:


Some creepers want to virtually follow you around all the time. They may be content just keeping tabs on you digitally or perhaps they want to find our where you are in the real world so they can accidentally bump into you on purpose.

How do Geo-creepers do their magic? Geo-creepers can take the geotags that are embedded in the metadata of photos you take and use that information to determine where the exact geolocation of your photo was taken. They may also stalk you based on where your latest check-in was on Facebook or Foursquare. If you have locations turned on for your tweets on Twitter then this helps them locate you as well.

Consider disabling geotagging on your phone and/or also removing geotags from pictures you’ve already taken. You may also want to disable location services for some apps like Facebook and Twitter if you want to try and “get off the grid” for a while.

Facebook Creepers

Facebook creepers are probably hanging on your every status update or “like”. These folks will comment on nearly every post, picture, etc. This can really give you the heeby-jeebies. The may just be harmless admirers or they might be stalkers, you just never know. At some point, you have to make the tough choice whether to unfriend them, block them, or put them on a list where you share things with everyone except for them.

Check out the Creeper Abatement Strategies we present in our article How to Deal With Facebook Creepers for some suggestions on how best to handle the different varieties of Facebook creeps

Dating Site Creepers

Creepers want to be loved too, that’s why there is no shortage of them on online dating sites. Not to be confused with dating site scammers, a dating site creeper is anyone who provides consistent unwanted attention and refuses to leave you alone.

Arguing with a dating site creeper will likely only heighten their interest in you and encourage further harassment. You may want to consider ignoring them and/or blocking them. If things escalate and they begin to threaten you in any way, report them to the site administrators as soon as possible.

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Twitter Creepers

Twitter, by its very nature, is a haven for creepers. Once a creeper becomes a “follower” they can be alerted whenever you tweet. Creepers can retweet you, mention you in their tweets, and direct message you.

If one of your followers gets a little too close for comfort you can always block them. If things escalate or get scary you can choose the “Report” option to report them to Twitter.

Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Creepers

Another creeper that you may encounter in the wild is the Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Creeper. These weirdos will set up shop near free public Wi-Fi and may try to eavesdrop on your Internet traffic by setting up what are known as Evil Twin Wi-Fi Hotspots. To learn more about Evil Twin Wi-Fi and Coffee Shop Hackers / Creepers, check out our articles: The Dangers of Evil Twin Wi-Fi Hotspots and Coffee Shop Net Surfing Security.