Tyler Hayes

Tyler Hayes is an early adopting writer obsessed with both technology and music.

  • Worked for startups to shape their content and messaging around mobile live streaming, IoT, and globalization.
  • Experienced with many of the latest consumer gadgets from VR to portable batteries.
  • More than a decade of technical experience.



Tyler has covered the latest new music and technology products extensively for publications such as Fast Company, The Week, Digital TrendsBillboard, Fortune, and Paste, among others. Tyler is endlessly curious and continually diving into new subjects to stay current on the latest trends.

He has first-hand experience with China's technology industry, having visited and worked there.

Tyler is experienced on the technical side of networking, mobile, security, and connected devices from his decade spent as a computer technician.

You can find his personal site at Liisten.com

Tyler Hayes

One of the most exciting challenges when writing about technology for me, is to try and make even the most intimating elements seem welcoming. 

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