twofold inc. Review

A Real Head-scratcher

twofold inc. grapefrukt

twofold inc. is the latest mobile game from grapefrukt, the creator of 2013's sublime strategy game rymdkapsel -- and it's a real puzzle of a puzzle game.

twofold inc. has players working towards multiple goals at once with limited moves. Your brain will need to be firing on all cylinders for this one.

How do I play it?

Players will draw their finger across same-colored tiles to clear them away from the board, with each added tile doubling the score. One tile is worth 4 points, two are worth 8 points, three are worth 16 points, etc.. It doesn't take long before you're clearing away tiles with six-figure point totals. The funny thing about it, though, is that those big points don't really matter much in twofold inc. Instead, you're trying to earn just enough points to clear away the assignments in the top left of the board.

You'll be tackling up to three assignments at a time, with each asking you to clear away a set point total for different colors. Assignment #1 may ask for 64 red points and 16 white points, while Assignment #2 might want 8 points of every color. On paper, this sound fairly straightforward - but trying to get those points is a whole other matter.

So it's hard?

Not at first. The challenge in the game is that you're only given a set number of moves to complete each assignment, and sliding a single row by a single tile will eat up one of those moves. You're really limited in how much you can shuffle things around, so you'll need to make every move count in twofold inc.

When your goals are small, managing things isn't so bad - but when you have higher targets, you'll need to position everything just right if you want to progress.

What's more, when you get a giant glut of like-colored tiles touching each other, you'll often find yourself unable to clear them because of one very specific rule: when clearing tiles, you have to clear all the tiles that are touching. And since clearing them means drawing a line, you'll need to be able to draw across every tile without running into a dead end or crossing over yourself.

It's considerably harder than it sounds.

That sounds... daunting.

It is, but it's also a lot of fun. Once you wrap your mind around the basics, you'll start to recognize the little tricks that can help you position things in exactly the right way. There are also bonus squares that you'll earn slowly over the course of a game that you can use to change a color if you're completely stumped, and a few extra lives should you run out of moves and need just one more to complete an assignment. 

There's no question that twofold inc. is a real treat for puzzle gamers, but there's one cardinal sin that it commits that can't go unmentioned: sometimes you're given tiles that you can't possibly win with. 

A good puzzle game will always give you the tools you need to progress, even if things feel unwinnable. With twofold inc, its entirely possible to receive new assignments without the tiles needed to complete them. You can start clearing away useless tiles in the hopes that they'll be replaced by the pieces you're missing, but it's not a guarantee, and you'll be wasting precious moves. 

When you lose, it doesn't always feel like it's your fault. That's a problem.

Do I buy it?

If you're a fan of puzzle games, definitely. twofold inc.'s one real issue holds it back from being a flawless puzzler, but it doesn't completely derail an otherwise enjoyable experience. If you want your brain to be tickled, this is the game to do it.